Wednesday, December 23, 2015


2015 was a good year if you wanted to see your favorite couples go through every emotion possible. Some are in tremendous shape right now while others are going through some tough times (even if some aren't even a couple. YET.) The following is my list of ships that I enjoyed through 2015, a few words about them from me and my favorite scene from them. 

Olicity - 

Probably my favorite TV couple this year has been Oliver Queen and soon to be Felicity Smoak-Queen. Having rooted for this couple since they met basically, I have been so happy this season to see them happy. Even when they have arguments , they are able to overcome them in a realistic and mature way (I'm ignoring the Oliver's son garbage for now). Now with Felicity shot, I m interested to see what happens next to the couple and how they will be able to overcome that and whatever else comes their way together.

Favorite scene - From "Lost Souls" when Oliver and Felicity make up after the first real fight as a couple with the wonderful line "Because we found ourselves in each other" spoken by Felicity to Oliver 

Hollstein -

Oh boy where to start here? Laura Hollis and Carmilla Karnstein. When I started this show , I knew they were going to be something but had no clue how invested I would be in these two idiots. The amount of ups and downs they had this year was crazy ( hint : having to fight a power-hungry old man and your sister dying from your ex's friend kind of only half explains it) but I can safely say I am rooting for them all the way to the end of this story cupcake thanks to the great chemistry and charm that Natasha Negovanlis and Elise Bowman bring to these two.

Favorite moment - From episode 5 (where we got to see them still in honeymoon phase happiness with just a hint of what was going to come) and Episode 22 where we got to see the angst they put themselves and us through, these two episodes are just a taste of what makes Carmilla and Laura one of the best couples in any form of media today.

Jake and Amy - 

This might be the one I am happiest to see fulfilled besides Olicity. Having been one of the first to get aboard this ship, I am so happy to see how the show has progressed Jake and Amy's relationship from flirting to kissing to shopping for mattresses. I can't wait to see what the next steps will be and to finally get to hear Boyle's Best Man speech. 

Favorite Moment - the kiss from the season 2 finale. One of the best kisses I've seen on a tv show since Jeff/Annie's in the season 1 finale 

Ravioli -

They are only friends right now on the show and there's a very good chance that they might never ever be a couple but that hasn't stopped them from having great chemistry with one another. And I mean they look so cute together , I can help myself! 

Favorite Moment - I do enjoy this moment from 2x02 that highlights why these two would make such a wonderful couple (C'MON Rob Thomas, GO FOR IT!)

Captain Swan -  

I'm not going to lie here. This pairing is pretty much the reason I still keep up with Once Upon a Time. I love this couple on here as Jennifer and Colin's chemistry does wonders to elevate the show as they help make you feel the love these two characters have for one another.

Favorite Moment -I decided to choose two. One is a touching moment when Hook gives Emma a special ring of his (you can tell Emma was thinking it was something else and then a slight disappointed when it wasn't that.) 

The second one is from this year's mid-season finale as Emma is forced to kill Hook by driving Excalibur through him. I'll just let the scene play and let you feel all the emotions going through you in this scene