Saturday, October 24, 2015

Welcome to another edition of Highlights and Lowlights of the week in television. I will be covering a few of the things that happened this week from comedies to dramas. As always, if you can think of something that happened this week that you liked or disliked this week in tv, hit up the comments or contact me on twitter - @cdulaney85


LIMITLESS Full Season pick-up - As the show was picked up for a full season this week, this has been one of my shows that I have enjoyed week in and week out.  Jake McDorman is the lead in this and it was honestly my first real time seeing him as the lead of a tv show (I did not watch Manhattan Love Story and from the ratings and such, neither did a whole lot of people. Sorry.) Thankfully I have gotten to see him in this and he is a revelation. So good at playing Brian as a common dude giving almost superpowers, he mixes the right amount of humor,drama and action each week in his role. Jennifer Carpenter plays a FBI agent /his partner. She was always consistently the best thing about Dexter and now she is flexing her acting ability even more as we see her sensitive side in trying to help Brian while also trying to learn more about what happened to her father. Add in some excellent supporting cast in Colin Salmon, Mary Elizabeth Mastranantino and the occasional appearance by Bradley Cooper from the movie it's based on, this show is a really fun way to spend a hour each tuesday night.

GILMORE GIRLS Return - More will be talked and written about this on other sites but the news this week that NETFLIX is going to bring back the ladies of Stars Hollow was met with thunderous approval on social media. I have seen some of the show it is really fantastic and you will fall in love with Lorelai and her daughter Rory.  You will root for Luke and Lorelai to get together. And of course if you have watched any of the show, you have a opinion on who Rory's best love interest was. #TeamJess  I cannot wait to see these mini-movies from the mind of Amy Sherman-Palladino and all the fans get the rightful ending they deserve.

OTA "The Original Gangstas" - In this week's episode of Arrow we got to have a storyline of Felicity, Oliver and Diggle working together to stop DoubleDown, a new meta thug for Damien Dahrk. While it wasn't completely like the season 1 and 2 episodes, this was still a very good one. Most important, we are starting to move past the "Diggle is angry at Oliver' arc thankfully as they were able to work together (After a few "encouraging" words from Miss Smoak). Stephen, Emily and David's chemistry was in full force as each got to highlight what they do best for the team , especially Felicity getting their heads out of their butts. Though I love the new Team Arrow, it's always good to get back to basics every once in a while.

HOLT back in the 99 - This is a quick one but I am glad to see Captain Holt back in charge of the 99. Andre works best in my opinion with all of the other castmembers and especially Andy Samberg's Jake. This will be clear as crystal in sunday's Halloween III episode which is a Jake/Holt story like last week's fantastic Ollong Strangler episode.

ROBERT BUCKLEY - This  season of iZombie has been really hard on Major. Murder, drug addiction and blackmail have been some of the things he has gone through even though we are only 3 episodes in! Through it all , Robert has been delivering a knock-out performance of a guy whose life has been destroyed and still he tries to protect the people he loves. Even when lying, you can see through the expressions Robert shows, the pain, the worry , the struggle that Major is going through every day. In a cast of such terrific actors, Robert has shined the most so far this season.


The Barry/Iris scene - For the promos of last week's The Flash, we saw a picture of Iris talking to Barry about the return of her mother into her life. Due to editing, we were unable to see this scene in the episode. I'm not going to point fingers but it would have been really nice to see Iris express her feelings and thoughts about her mom and dad to Barry. It would have been a great scene not only for Candice and Grant but also for WestAllen fans and fans of The Flash in general and made a good episode even better perhaps.  Dropped the ball , Flash editors.

Jane the Virgin preempted in NY - Due to a Giants MNF game (which was hella awful game) , Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend were preempted and football was shown on the CW in the New York market instead. I hate this because all it does is hurt the ratings of shows that needed all of the ratings they can get, especially Girlfriend. Also the game was on ESPN as well so two channels were showing the game. I know that most people probably watched the game on ESPN anyway so the CW showing it just hurt two fantastic shows and the fans who loyally watch

Saturday, October 17, 2015


Welcome back to week 2 of the season of Highlights and Lowlights for the week of television.  I will highlight some wonderful things that I thought happen on tv this week and also bring up some of the...not-so-great stuff that happened as well. As always , please hit me up on my twitter account @cdulaney85 and give me your thoughts if I missed something you liked or disliked. Thank you for reading!!


- Fargo Returns! On Monday, Fargo season 2 started and within the first ten minutes, it had already been better than the entirely of all of season two of True Detective (ALWAYS FARGO >>>>>>>>>>>>TRUE DETECTIVE no matter what season) In the opening episode we got to meet many different characters all of which had excellent moments/scenes (Highlights include Patrick Wilson's Lou Solverson , Rory Culkin the mvp of the episode and Jesse Clemons and Kristen Dunst as a couple way in over their heads.) After episode 1 , I feel safe in saying Fargo is still on the list of best dramas on tv

-Elizabeth Henstridge  This week's Agents of Shield got mixed reviews by most everyone but one thing that was undeniable was that of Elizabeth's as Jemma Simmons. Returning from a foreign planet after spending six months there, Elizabeth was able to show and express the PTSD that Jemma is suffering from. How every little thing sets off something in her mind. I love that you could see that Jemma is wanting to be better but she knows that just not possible. As others try to help her (Iain delivered another good performance too as Fitz tried to help Jemma get back to normal, pushing but also realizing that Jemma just needs someone to lean on instead of love right now), we see that Jemma has a long way to go to being okay. Though at the end of the episode, Jemma is the most lively we see her, studying the rock trying to figure it out. As Bobbi tells her that the she doesn't have to worry that the portal is closed for good, Jemma says it can't be because she has TO GO BACK! (I do wish she would have said it like Jack from Lost did but nobody's perfect)

-Colin o'Donoghue  All season long Colin has been giving a gut-wrenching performance as Hook who has watched the love of his life become the Dark One on Once Upon A Time. Hook knows that Swan has changed but does not know if he can still love what she has become.  In last sunday's episode, he is confronted with this head-on when Emma asks him to a date on the Jolly Roger. Hook is hesitant and it is not made easier when Emma decides to make it like their first date , also including dressing like she did as well. As they talk, Colin shows all the torment and pain in his face and eyes as he can she that she has changed and he knows that the date is just window dressing for Emma now.He still loves Emma and will fight for her but he is seeing more and more how difficult getting the darkness out of Emma will be.  As Emma tells him that she doesn't have any walls anymore holding her back, Hook mentions something that shows that how much he loves Emma and how she was. Another masterful performance by Colin

Another great take on this is from Lizzie over at Fangirlish


- No More new Steven Universe episodes till 2016  I know they take a while to make but it still doesn't make it any more crappier. I need to know what is going to happen with the Cluster!!!

- The F.B.I  This is in response to The Blacklist and Quantico where they have yet to capture 1 person on the run on each show but also in how inept they are. It seems like every week on a show they are outsmarted or need help to figure out what is going on from a outside source.Also you want to root for them but you can't because some of them are very unlikable!!  I know the show would be less fun if they did their jobs perfectly but I mean at least one time let them be semi-competent instead of letting a fugitive get away and also almost start a international incident! (that happened a couple weeks back on the Blacklist but it's going to happen again)

-The return of the Tucson crew on Last Man on Earth  I have really loved the first two episodes of this season of Last Man on Earth mostly because of the focus being on Phil and Carol. I have enjoyed the chemistry Will Forte and Kristen Schaal as they are focusing on their new relationship with each other and trying to adapt and be better for one another. So I gotta say I'm disappointed to see the return of the Tuscon crew this week. I was really looking forward to more from Phil and Carol. I wouldn't have minded if they had ran into Todd at some point but all of them back together so soon? Not feeling to psyched about it.

Saturday, October 10, 2015


For this new column I'm going to highlight some of the things I liked and disliked in the week of television. I know some of you might disagree with my opinion and if you do, that's great!! Hit me up in the comments or on my twitter account @cdulaney85 and we can discuss what you agree or disagree with in a peaceful and respectful manner.


- "the Funeral" - Brooklyn 99 has come back this season with two real good episodes. This episode continue the progression of Jake and Amy's relationship (probably my favorite thing on the show)and the precinct dealing with another new captain.  This time , their new captain is The Vulture (played admirably douche-like by Dean Winters)

I love how the episode dealt with both and still gave the other members of the cast moments to shine from Holt "Everything is Garbage" speech to helping Jake and Amy deal with The Vulture all the way to Terry's ranting about his favorite yogurt being gone. This show continues to be one of the funniest comedies on television

- Arrow Premiere - A lot of hype was promoted for this episode as the previews had ramped up expectations for the new season and all that was to come. Well after episode 1, it is more than matching those expectations. We got to see : the chemistry between Stephen and Emily is as good now as it's ever been  as we got to see domesticated #Olicity, A bad guy in Damien Darhk who after one episode is more impressive than Ra's Al Ghul was all of season 3, some bad-ass moments of action for Thea, Laurel and Diggle. And finally that surprise ending that still has fans figuring out who is in that grave. (I BET EVERYTHING I OWN IT IS NOT FELICITY)

-FitzSimmons reunion - I will admit I didn't expect them to find Jemma so soon this season but the scene where Fitz jumps into the monolith and finds Simmons on the distant planet was one of the best and tense of the season. My heart was beating so fast as Fitz and Simmons reach for each other as Daisy was struggling to keep the portal open.  So it was a wonderful moment to see Fitz reunited with Simmons in the rubble and the happiness in Fitz's eyes that Simmons was safe and back with him again.

- The return of Logan Echolls - Oops I mean Jason Dohring. I was good to see him back on tv starring on The Originals and hopefully someone will wise up and give him his own tv show in the very near future.


- The Flash premiere - Don;t get me wrong , I liked the episode overall. There was some good moments on there (Team Flash reunited, Barry getting his dad out of jail) but the episode was not what it could have been. It felt very rushed at times. One example of this was Ronnie's death. As a friend of mine(hey Laura!) mentioned on twitter, It felt like it wasn't given due respect for a character that is really beloved on there. I hope they can fix this in future episodes.  Other things that didn't really click : the villain felt kind of ehhhh, after all this time to get Henry out of jail, the first thing he does is move out of town? I mean can you wait a week?

- RIP Jerome - Gotham killed off what was probably their best character on the show monday as Jerome was stabbed in the back by his co-conspirator Theo . I know this was probably done due to Cameron's work on Shameless but he had brought a new buzz to Gotham with his performance (Also credit to Erin Richards as well as she has turned Barbara on there from one of the most boring characters on the show to one of the most interesting). I would have loved to have seen more of Jerome's schemes and mind games even if he wasn't going to end up as the Clown Prince of Crime.

- Where's Molly? - The Sherlock trailer hit this week and while I enjoyed it, there was a GLARING omission in it. Where's Molly Hooper? We saw Lestrade, Mrs. Hudson and Mary but where is our favorite pathologist?

-Ward- Ugh he's back? I did not miss Ward last week and for this week's episode I can honestly tell you I do not remember any of his scenes.  Hope Hunter takes him out for good so Brett can get on another show to show off his comedic chops.

-AHS Hotel and that scene - I personally think rape scenes in tv and movies are lazy writing just so they can get a reaction from the audience without earning it.  So why I expected anything more from Ryan Murphy is my fault.  I know that some may disagree but this scene was unnecessary (much like scenes from Game of Thrones too ). This seems to be a Ryan Murphy staple now on AHS and it sucks that a guy with his talent always resorts to tired tropes.

So these were just some of my thoughts about the week in tv. If there was anything I missed  that you thought was good or bad , let me know in the comments or on my twitter acoount. Thank you for reading!!