Saturday, October 10, 2015


For this new column I'm going to highlight some of the things I liked and disliked in the week of television. I know some of you might disagree with my opinion and if you do, that's great!! Hit me up in the comments or on my twitter account @cdulaney85 and we can discuss what you agree or disagree with in a peaceful and respectful manner.


- "the Funeral" - Brooklyn 99 has come back this season with two real good episodes. This episode continue the progression of Jake and Amy's relationship (probably my favorite thing on the show)and the precinct dealing with another new captain.  This time , their new captain is The Vulture (played admirably douche-like by Dean Winters)

I love how the episode dealt with both and still gave the other members of the cast moments to shine from Holt "Everything is Garbage" speech to helping Jake and Amy deal with The Vulture all the way to Terry's ranting about his favorite yogurt being gone. This show continues to be one of the funniest comedies on television

- Arrow Premiere - A lot of hype was promoted for this episode as the previews had ramped up expectations for the new season and all that was to come. Well after episode 1, it is more than matching those expectations. We got to see : the chemistry between Stephen and Emily is as good now as it's ever been  as we got to see domesticated #Olicity, A bad guy in Damien Darhk who after one episode is more impressive than Ra's Al Ghul was all of season 3, some bad-ass moments of action for Thea, Laurel and Diggle. And finally that surprise ending that still has fans figuring out who is in that grave. (I BET EVERYTHING I OWN IT IS NOT FELICITY)

-FitzSimmons reunion - I will admit I didn't expect them to find Jemma so soon this season but the scene where Fitz jumps into the monolith and finds Simmons on the distant planet was one of the best and tense of the season. My heart was beating so fast as Fitz and Simmons reach for each other as Daisy was struggling to keep the portal open.  So it was a wonderful moment to see Fitz reunited with Simmons in the rubble and the happiness in Fitz's eyes that Simmons was safe and back with him again.

- The return of Logan Echolls - Oops I mean Jason Dohring. I was good to see him back on tv starring on The Originals and hopefully someone will wise up and give him his own tv show in the very near future.


- The Flash premiere - Don;t get me wrong , I liked the episode overall. There was some good moments on there (Team Flash reunited, Barry getting his dad out of jail) but the episode was not what it could have been. It felt very rushed at times. One example of this was Ronnie's death. As a friend of mine(hey Laura!) mentioned on twitter, It felt like it wasn't given due respect for a character that is really beloved on there. I hope they can fix this in future episodes.  Other things that didn't really click : the villain felt kind of ehhhh, after all this time to get Henry out of jail, the first thing he does is move out of town? I mean can you wait a week?

- RIP Jerome - Gotham killed off what was probably their best character on the show monday as Jerome was stabbed in the back by his co-conspirator Theo . I know this was probably done due to Cameron's work on Shameless but he had brought a new buzz to Gotham with his performance (Also credit to Erin Richards as well as she has turned Barbara on there from one of the most boring characters on the show to one of the most interesting). I would have loved to have seen more of Jerome's schemes and mind games even if he wasn't going to end up as the Clown Prince of Crime.

- Where's Molly? - The Sherlock trailer hit this week and while I enjoyed it, there was a GLARING omission in it. Where's Molly Hooper? We saw Lestrade, Mrs. Hudson and Mary but where is our favorite pathologist?

-Ward- Ugh he's back? I did not miss Ward last week and for this week's episode I can honestly tell you I do not remember any of his scenes.  Hope Hunter takes him out for good so Brett can get on another show to show off his comedic chops.

-AHS Hotel and that scene - I personally think rape scenes in tv and movies are lazy writing just so they can get a reaction from the audience without earning it.  So why I expected anything more from Ryan Murphy is my fault.  I know that some may disagree but this scene was unnecessary (much like scenes from Game of Thrones too ). This seems to be a Ryan Murphy staple now on AHS and it sucks that a guy with his talent always resorts to tired tropes.

So these were just some of my thoughts about the week in tv. If there was anything I missed  that you thought was good or bad , let me know in the comments or on my twitter acoount. Thank you for reading!!

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