Wednesday, December 23, 2015


2015 was a good year if you wanted to see your favorite couples go through every emotion possible. Some are in tremendous shape right now while others are going through some tough times (even if some aren't even a couple. YET.) The following is my list of ships that I enjoyed through 2015, a few words about them from me and my favorite scene from them. 

Olicity - 

Probably my favorite TV couple this year has been Oliver Queen and soon to be Felicity Smoak-Queen. Having rooted for this couple since they met basically, I have been so happy this season to see them happy. Even when they have arguments , they are able to overcome them in a realistic and mature way (I'm ignoring the Oliver's son garbage for now). Now with Felicity shot, I m interested to see what happens next to the couple and how they will be able to overcome that and whatever else comes their way together.

Favorite scene - From "Lost Souls" when Oliver and Felicity make up after the first real fight as a couple with the wonderful line "Because we found ourselves in each other" spoken by Felicity to Oliver 

Hollstein -

Oh boy where to start here? Laura Hollis and Carmilla Karnstein. When I started this show , I knew they were going to be something but had no clue how invested I would be in these two idiots. The amount of ups and downs they had this year was crazy ( hint : having to fight a power-hungry old man and your sister dying from your ex's friend kind of only half explains it) but I can safely say I am rooting for them all the way to the end of this story cupcake thanks to the great chemistry and charm that Natasha Negovanlis and Elise Bowman bring to these two.

Favorite moment - From episode 5 (where we got to see them still in honeymoon phase happiness with just a hint of what was going to come) and Episode 22 where we got to see the angst they put themselves and us through, these two episodes are just a taste of what makes Carmilla and Laura one of the best couples in any form of media today.

Jake and Amy - 

This might be the one I am happiest to see fulfilled besides Olicity. Having been one of the first to get aboard this ship, I am so happy to see how the show has progressed Jake and Amy's relationship from flirting to kissing to shopping for mattresses. I can't wait to see what the next steps will be and to finally get to hear Boyle's Best Man speech. 

Favorite Moment - the kiss from the season 2 finale. One of the best kisses I've seen on a tv show since Jeff/Annie's in the season 1 finale 

Ravioli -

They are only friends right now on the show and there's a very good chance that they might never ever be a couple but that hasn't stopped them from having great chemistry with one another. And I mean they look so cute together , I can help myself! 

Favorite Moment - I do enjoy this moment from 2x02 that highlights why these two would make such a wonderful couple (C'MON Rob Thomas, GO FOR IT!)

Captain Swan -  

I'm not going to lie here. This pairing is pretty much the reason I still keep up with Once Upon a Time. I love this couple on here as Jennifer and Colin's chemistry does wonders to elevate the show as they help make you feel the love these two characters have for one another.

Favorite Moment -I decided to choose two. One is a touching moment when Hook gives Emma a special ring of his (you can tell Emma was thinking it was something else and then a slight disappointed when it wasn't that.) 

The second one is from this year's mid-season finale as Emma is forced to kill Hook by driving Excalibur through him. I'll just let the scene play and let you feel all the emotions going through you in this scene

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


- Olicity 

For the better part three seasons, fans (including myself) have rooted for a pairing between the characters of Felicity Smoak , the former IT Girl now in charge of her own corporation wonderfully played by Emily Bett Rickards and Oliver Queen , the hero known as The Green Arrow.  When they finally became a couple at the end of season 3, the big question was heading into season 4 : How would the show, their chemistry and their characters change now that Olicity was officially canon?

Luckily whatever worries anyone had were quickly dispelled as from the opening scenes of the season premiere we got to see domestic Olicity and it was wonderful. From jokes about Felicity's lack of cooking ability to Oliver enjoying showing off his mother's ring and Felicity's future engagement ring to neighbors, it showed that Emily and Stephen's natural chemistry is even stronger than ever.

As they returned to Star City, we got to see even more aspects of the relationship. And this is what I have love this season is that we have got to see the little things that couple in love do whether it be just a simple holding of hands, a touch of the shoulder or leaning on one another. We have got to see a much healthier Oliver Queen for the better thanks to Felicity and we have got to see Felicity much happier this season thanks to no longer having "maybes" dangled in front of her and knowing that she can have and do what she wants with the support of her boyfriend Oliver.

Don't get me wrong though, I still love the big angst scenes like in "Lost Souls" where we got to see how the characters have changed each other. Such as when Felicity shows a little bit of a frustrated side while Oliver has learned when not to push and when to give room during a argument. Felicity and Oliver make up afterward by being honest with one another and letting the other know that even if they have these little fights, they will always love and care for one another.

I'm not sure what will be happening in the upcoming episodes (rumors has it being lots and lots of angst so bring it) but I do know that one of the best things this season so far has been Olicity and the unbelievably hot chemistry Emily and Stephen display every Wednesday night.


-This tv season we have got to see a wide amount of terrific female heroes in the ever-expanding  tv landscape. Whether it be on broadcast, cable or Netflix ,  ongoing shows have started to put more of the spotlight on these characters and continued to expand with all-new shows. I am going to highlight some of these heroes that make me thankful they are on my television.

SUPERGIRL : In the new season we have gotten to meet a new hero from National City by the name of Kara Danvers, aka Supergirl played by Melissa Benoist. Supergirl is a great show to show kids especially young women if you want them to have a strong female role-model. Not only does she save the city weekly but also defends herself from attacks that she doesn't do enough or that she's not like her cousin, Superman. She proves that she can be a hero that makes mistakes and learns from them without having to mold herself to what others want her to be. 

JESSICA JONES : On the other side of the comic universe, Jessica Jones debuted on Netflix and was met with universal cheer. In Krysten Ritter's performance, we saw a woman dealing with sexual trauma and PTSD after being under the control of Killgrave for months. Instead of shrinking away though she decides to fight on and try to take down Killgrave once and for all to save a girl named Hope from a murder rap.  She made mistakes but never changed who she was and how she lived and I cheered at the end when (SPOILERS) she snapped Killgrave's neck ending his reign of evil. 
(Also a quick nod to Trish Walker who I loved in the series. It was great to see her be a fighter, sister, friend and show that not having powers doesn't have to mean you can't be awesome)

AGENTS OF SHIELD : This show has always had kickass female badasses but we have got to see them in different roles. We got to see the emotions of the very sealed off Melinda May when it was found out that her estranged ex-husband Andrew was the inhuman murderer Lash. We got to see Bobbi Morse use her brains a few different times this season, whether working with Fitz in the lab or undercover with Hunter. 

But the best of these was the episode "4,722 Hours" in which we got to see Jemma Simmons's saga of surviving on a distant planet without any weapons or modern technology except a cellphone (with a GREAT battery). In one of my favorite episodes of tv this year, Simmons used all of her knowledge to survive and hunt for food and shelter. Eventually she did find someone else on the planet but through it all we got to see Elizabeth Henstridge play the spectrum of emotions from hope to despair to resigned acceptance in just one 40 minute span.

THE LADIES OF ARROW : This season we have got to see some astonishing fight scenes involving Katie Cassidy's Black Canary with Caity Lotz's Canary against Damien Darhk's Ghosts and Thea Queen's blood rage unleashed in multiple episodes via Willa Holland's performance. It is always fun to see these ladies kick ass every week.

Also we have gotten to see Felicity Smoak not only continue her technical skills helping Team Arrow but we have also got to see her be in the field with the rest of the team when they rescued Ray Palmer. The best (non-Olicity) moment for Felicity this season though was when she saved Curtis Holt from Double Down when he invaded Palmer Industries and then the team's base. We got to see that Felicity Smoak has been a badass since always.

THE CW : This year The CW has become my favorite channel of all of television. Monday through Wednesday has something I watch and love. So I will go through each day and talk about the shows that have made the CW must-see tv.

Mondays- Starting with Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Rachel Bloom has made a show about a flawed , slightly obsessed woman who decides to move to West Covina for a brand new start (It also happens to be where Josh, her ex-boyfriend lives but that's not why she's there!) The show which could have turned very bad , very fast instead has become one of the best unique comedies on tv. With a spectacular supporting cast and Fantastic songs week in and week out, Rachel has created a show about flawed individuals struggling to do their best one day at a time.

Jane the Virgin, in it's second season now, has become one of the most talked about shows on television. With it's lead, Gina Rodriguez as the lead character having now delivered her baby, we get to see her  highs and lows of single-parenthood as she tries to become a writer while raising Mateo. Gina nails each scene she is in whether it be comedic or dramatic.
Also Jamie Cahil is still laugh out loud funny as Rogelio 

Tuesdays- After a slow start for the season, The Flash has regained some of it's momentum from season 1. Grant Gustin is still fantastic as Barry Allen as he continues to deal with new threats and a major ass-kicking from Zoom. Every scene Grant has with Jesse L.Martin (as Joe West, Barry's adopted dad) is guaranteed to bring the emotions and feelings. Another reason for the boost back of season 2 is the return of Tom Cavanagh as Earth-2 Harrison Wells. His smarkiness has lead to some fun interactions with Cisco.

iZombie has become one of the better shows on television lead by lead actress Rose McIver as zombie Liv Moore. Each week Rose has to play not only Liv but has to give her a different personality thanks to whatever brain she eats whether it be a country music singer or a compulsive gambler and each time Rose delivers. Also helped by one of the best supporting cast from top to bottom on television, this show has the feel of being the heir apparent to Veronica Mars and the look of one that will be her for a long time. 

 Wednesdays - Arrow has rebounded from a uneven season 3 to deliver a tremendous season 4. This season we have a much better and charismatic villain in Damien Darhk and we have gotten to see the return of fan-favorite characters such as Sara Lance and Ray Palmer. Also there has been juicy stories for Diggle , Laurel , Thea and Felicity. And finally it is all held together by Stephen Amell's work as Oliver Queen who's character arc has progressed in 4 seasons from vigilante who trusted no one to a man who has surrounded himself with family and friends he will trust his life with.

And coming up next year we will get on Thursdays the return of The 100 for it's third season and the debut of Legends of Tomorrow. So The CW will be owning my television set for a very long time. 


- Jake and Amy on Brooklyn 99 - I have love seeing Jake and  Amy be a couple this season. Whether sneaking for kisses in the file room or arguing about mattresses, Andy and Melissa have great chemistry with one another and I always feel a little happier when I see a Jake/Amy episode is coming up on Brooklyn 99

-Fargo avoiding the "True Detective" curse - Season 2 of Fargo is very close to the end and thankfully it is light years ahead of True Detective's second season. There has been wonderful performances from Patrick Wilson to Kristen Dunst all the way to Nick Offerman last week. I am anticipating how this season will end and what will be coming up.

-Captain Swan - One thing that Once Upon a Time has always done right is the Hook/Emma relationship. Jennifer Morrison and Colin O'Donoghue chemistry has always been a bright spot on the show even during lesser times on the show and the added twist of Dark Emma has made each interaction between the two more angst and emotionally draining but so so good. 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Welcome to another edition of Highlights and Lowlights of the week in television. I will be covering a few of the things that happened this week from comedies to dramas. As always, if you can think of something that happened this week that you liked or disliked this week in tv, hit up the comments or contact me on twitter - @cdulaney85


LIMITLESS Full Season pick-up - As the show was picked up for a full season this week, this has been one of my shows that I have enjoyed week in and week out.  Jake McDorman is the lead in this and it was honestly my first real time seeing him as the lead of a tv show (I did not watch Manhattan Love Story and from the ratings and such, neither did a whole lot of people. Sorry.) Thankfully I have gotten to see him in this and he is a revelation. So good at playing Brian as a common dude giving almost superpowers, he mixes the right amount of humor,drama and action each week in his role. Jennifer Carpenter plays a FBI agent /his partner. She was always consistently the best thing about Dexter and now she is flexing her acting ability even more as we see her sensitive side in trying to help Brian while also trying to learn more about what happened to her father. Add in some excellent supporting cast in Colin Salmon, Mary Elizabeth Mastranantino and the occasional appearance by Bradley Cooper from the movie it's based on, this show is a really fun way to spend a hour each tuesday night.

GILMORE GIRLS Return - More will be talked and written about this on other sites but the news this week that NETFLIX is going to bring back the ladies of Stars Hollow was met with thunderous approval on social media. I have seen some of the show it is really fantastic and you will fall in love with Lorelai and her daughter Rory.  You will root for Luke and Lorelai to get together. And of course if you have watched any of the show, you have a opinion on who Rory's best love interest was. #TeamJess  I cannot wait to see these mini-movies from the mind of Amy Sherman-Palladino and all the fans get the rightful ending they deserve.

OTA "The Original Gangstas" - In this week's episode of Arrow we got to have a storyline of Felicity, Oliver and Diggle working together to stop DoubleDown, a new meta thug for Damien Dahrk. While it wasn't completely like the season 1 and 2 episodes, this was still a very good one. Most important, we are starting to move past the "Diggle is angry at Oliver' arc thankfully as they were able to work together (After a few "encouraging" words from Miss Smoak). Stephen, Emily and David's chemistry was in full force as each got to highlight what they do best for the team , especially Felicity getting their heads out of their butts. Though I love the new Team Arrow, it's always good to get back to basics every once in a while.

HOLT back in the 99 - This is a quick one but I am glad to see Captain Holt back in charge of the 99. Andre works best in my opinion with all of the other castmembers and especially Andy Samberg's Jake. This will be clear as crystal in sunday's Halloween III episode which is a Jake/Holt story like last week's fantastic Ollong Strangler episode.

ROBERT BUCKLEY - This  season of iZombie has been really hard on Major. Murder, drug addiction and blackmail have been some of the things he has gone through even though we are only 3 episodes in! Through it all , Robert has been delivering a knock-out performance of a guy whose life has been destroyed and still he tries to protect the people he loves. Even when lying, you can see through the expressions Robert shows, the pain, the worry , the struggle that Major is going through every day. In a cast of such terrific actors, Robert has shined the most so far this season.


The Barry/Iris scene - For the promos of last week's The Flash, we saw a picture of Iris talking to Barry about the return of her mother into her life. Due to editing, we were unable to see this scene in the episode. I'm not going to point fingers but it would have been really nice to see Iris express her feelings and thoughts about her mom and dad to Barry. It would have been a great scene not only for Candice and Grant but also for WestAllen fans and fans of The Flash in general and made a good episode even better perhaps.  Dropped the ball , Flash editors.

Jane the Virgin preempted in NY - Due to a Giants MNF game (which was hella awful game) , Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend were preempted and football was shown on the CW in the New York market instead. I hate this because all it does is hurt the ratings of shows that needed all of the ratings they can get, especially Girlfriend. Also the game was on ESPN as well so two channels were showing the game. I know that most people probably watched the game on ESPN anyway so the CW showing it just hurt two fantastic shows and the fans who loyally watch

Saturday, October 17, 2015


Welcome back to week 2 of the season of Highlights and Lowlights for the week of television.  I will highlight some wonderful things that I thought happen on tv this week and also bring up some of the...not-so-great stuff that happened as well. As always , please hit me up on my twitter account @cdulaney85 and give me your thoughts if I missed something you liked or disliked. Thank you for reading!!


- Fargo Returns! On Monday, Fargo season 2 started and within the first ten minutes, it had already been better than the entirely of all of season two of True Detective (ALWAYS FARGO >>>>>>>>>>>>TRUE DETECTIVE no matter what season) In the opening episode we got to meet many different characters all of which had excellent moments/scenes (Highlights include Patrick Wilson's Lou Solverson , Rory Culkin the mvp of the episode and Jesse Clemons and Kristen Dunst as a couple way in over their heads.) After episode 1 , I feel safe in saying Fargo is still on the list of best dramas on tv

-Elizabeth Henstridge  This week's Agents of Shield got mixed reviews by most everyone but one thing that was undeniable was that of Elizabeth's as Jemma Simmons. Returning from a foreign planet after spending six months there, Elizabeth was able to show and express the PTSD that Jemma is suffering from. How every little thing sets off something in her mind. I love that you could see that Jemma is wanting to be better but she knows that just not possible. As others try to help her (Iain delivered another good performance too as Fitz tried to help Jemma get back to normal, pushing but also realizing that Jemma just needs someone to lean on instead of love right now), we see that Jemma has a long way to go to being okay. Though at the end of the episode, Jemma is the most lively we see her, studying the rock trying to figure it out. As Bobbi tells her that the she doesn't have to worry that the portal is closed for good, Jemma says it can't be because she has TO GO BACK! (I do wish she would have said it like Jack from Lost did but nobody's perfect)

-Colin o'Donoghue  All season long Colin has been giving a gut-wrenching performance as Hook who has watched the love of his life become the Dark One on Once Upon A Time. Hook knows that Swan has changed but does not know if he can still love what she has become.  In last sunday's episode, he is confronted with this head-on when Emma asks him to a date on the Jolly Roger. Hook is hesitant and it is not made easier when Emma decides to make it like their first date , also including dressing like she did as well. As they talk, Colin shows all the torment and pain in his face and eyes as he can she that she has changed and he knows that the date is just window dressing for Emma now.He still loves Emma and will fight for her but he is seeing more and more how difficult getting the darkness out of Emma will be.  As Emma tells him that she doesn't have any walls anymore holding her back, Hook mentions something that shows that how much he loves Emma and how she was. Another masterful performance by Colin

Another great take on this is from Lizzie over at Fangirlish


- No More new Steven Universe episodes till 2016  I know they take a while to make but it still doesn't make it any more crappier. I need to know what is going to happen with the Cluster!!!

- The F.B.I  This is in response to The Blacklist and Quantico where they have yet to capture 1 person on the run on each show but also in how inept they are. It seems like every week on a show they are outsmarted or need help to figure out what is going on from a outside source.Also you want to root for them but you can't because some of them are very unlikable!!  I know the show would be less fun if they did their jobs perfectly but I mean at least one time let them be semi-competent instead of letting a fugitive get away and also almost start a international incident! (that happened a couple weeks back on the Blacklist but it's going to happen again)

-The return of the Tucson crew on Last Man on Earth  I have really loved the first two episodes of this season of Last Man on Earth mostly because of the focus being on Phil and Carol. I have enjoyed the chemistry Will Forte and Kristen Schaal as they are focusing on their new relationship with each other and trying to adapt and be better for one another. So I gotta say I'm disappointed to see the return of the Tuscon crew this week. I was really looking forward to more from Phil and Carol. I wouldn't have minded if they had ran into Todd at some point but all of them back together so soon? Not feeling to psyched about it.

Saturday, October 10, 2015


For this new column I'm going to highlight some of the things I liked and disliked in the week of television. I know some of you might disagree with my opinion and if you do, that's great!! Hit me up in the comments or on my twitter account @cdulaney85 and we can discuss what you agree or disagree with in a peaceful and respectful manner.


- "the Funeral" - Brooklyn 99 has come back this season with two real good episodes. This episode continue the progression of Jake and Amy's relationship (probably my favorite thing on the show)and the precinct dealing with another new captain.  This time , their new captain is The Vulture (played admirably douche-like by Dean Winters)

I love how the episode dealt with both and still gave the other members of the cast moments to shine from Holt "Everything is Garbage" speech to helping Jake and Amy deal with The Vulture all the way to Terry's ranting about his favorite yogurt being gone. This show continues to be one of the funniest comedies on television

- Arrow Premiere - A lot of hype was promoted for this episode as the previews had ramped up expectations for the new season and all that was to come. Well after episode 1, it is more than matching those expectations. We got to see : the chemistry between Stephen and Emily is as good now as it's ever been  as we got to see domesticated #Olicity, A bad guy in Damien Darhk who after one episode is more impressive than Ra's Al Ghul was all of season 3, some bad-ass moments of action for Thea, Laurel and Diggle. And finally that surprise ending that still has fans figuring out who is in that grave. (I BET EVERYTHING I OWN IT IS NOT FELICITY)

-FitzSimmons reunion - I will admit I didn't expect them to find Jemma so soon this season but the scene where Fitz jumps into the monolith and finds Simmons on the distant planet was one of the best and tense of the season. My heart was beating so fast as Fitz and Simmons reach for each other as Daisy was struggling to keep the portal open.  So it was a wonderful moment to see Fitz reunited with Simmons in the rubble and the happiness in Fitz's eyes that Simmons was safe and back with him again.

- The return of Logan Echolls - Oops I mean Jason Dohring. I was good to see him back on tv starring on The Originals and hopefully someone will wise up and give him his own tv show in the very near future.


- The Flash premiere - Don;t get me wrong , I liked the episode overall. There was some good moments on there (Team Flash reunited, Barry getting his dad out of jail) but the episode was not what it could have been. It felt very rushed at times. One example of this was Ronnie's death. As a friend of mine(hey Laura!) mentioned on twitter, It felt like it wasn't given due respect for a character that is really beloved on there. I hope they can fix this in future episodes.  Other things that didn't really click : the villain felt kind of ehhhh, after all this time to get Henry out of jail, the first thing he does is move out of town? I mean can you wait a week?

- RIP Jerome - Gotham killed off what was probably their best character on the show monday as Jerome was stabbed in the back by his co-conspirator Theo . I know this was probably done due to Cameron's work on Shameless but he had brought a new buzz to Gotham with his performance (Also credit to Erin Richards as well as she has turned Barbara on there from one of the most boring characters on the show to one of the most interesting). I would have loved to have seen more of Jerome's schemes and mind games even if he wasn't going to end up as the Clown Prince of Crime.

- Where's Molly? - The Sherlock trailer hit this week and while I enjoyed it, there was a GLARING omission in it. Where's Molly Hooper? We saw Lestrade, Mrs. Hudson and Mary but where is our favorite pathologist?

-Ward- Ugh he's back? I did not miss Ward last week and for this week's episode I can honestly tell you I do not remember any of his scenes.  Hope Hunter takes him out for good so Brett can get on another show to show off his comedic chops.

-AHS Hotel and that scene - I personally think rape scenes in tv and movies are lazy writing just so they can get a reaction from the audience without earning it.  So why I expected anything more from Ryan Murphy is my fault.  I know that some may disagree but this scene was unnecessary (much like scenes from Game of Thrones too ). This seems to be a Ryan Murphy staple now on AHS and it sucks that a guy with his talent always resorts to tired tropes.

So these were just some of my thoughts about the week in tv. If there was anything I missed  that you thought was good or bad , let me know in the comments or on my twitter acoount. Thank you for reading!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


The season premiere of Agents of SHIELD has come and passed and it was a very good premiere. It showed up Daisy in all her powered glory , A new Inhuman menace and questions were answered (some of them). So I decided instead of a regular review, I am going to give + and - to certain parts of the episode. So (spoilers if you haven't watched yet) and here we go!

+ The open. I liked how we went straight into the action as Joey, a newly powered inhuman, is being chased after by a mysterious government unit. As Joey is cornered by the unit, you suddenly see them being blown into the air and then their car as Daisy, Mack and Hunter appear to rescue him. This did a good job of showing Daisy's powers and her newfound confidence as a leader. 

+ Joey. It was great to meet a new inhuman but that was the least important thing about him. He is one of the first openly LGBT characters we have seen in the official MCU and I was also so glad that it was treated very casual. It also did lead to a good comparison he makes to Daisy as they talk about whether they should reveal the presence of Inhumans to the world. I would be really happy to see more of Joey in the future. 

+ Constance Zimmer's Rosalind Price. Constance is a terrific actress (as anyone who has watched UNReal this year saw) and she is a great addition to the show as the yang to Coulson's yin. I don't know if I want to see them get together (I think she's too good for him) but I do like seeing her interact with other parts of SHIELD and to see more of Rosalind and Coulson's trying to outsmart each other. 

-  Grumpy Cat Mug. Geez, Coulson stay ahead with the times. Can't wait till we see Phil asks Daisy one time "WHY YOU LYIN?" sometime next year.

+ - Hunter and Bobbi  It was nice seeing Bobbi and Hunter again but I would have liked to have seen both in action. It is interesting to see Bobbi playing Simmons's role but her character is made for action and I can't wait to see Mockingbird back in the field. 

As for Hunter, he got to be team player for both Daisy and Coulson and it was fine. However he made his intentions known that he was going after Ward. Hopefully he kills him

? No May. It sucked not to see Melinda May in this episode but to be honest she wasn't missed too much. 


+ - LASH. I thought he looked pretty cool but I wouldn't have also minded if they had kept the character more mysterious for a while. But in any event , It will be fun seeing them fight this big inhuman monster.

+ Tension - We saw this in a couple different scenes between a couple different characters. First was between Coulson and Rosalind as they sized each other up basically in their first confrontation on a train. Clark and Constance look to have tremendous back and forth repertoire as it looked like two chess masters sizing up their next move. Excellent subtle work by both.

The other one was between Mack and Lincoln in the hospital where Lincoln is working now. You could feel the tension between the two as Lincoln refused to help Daisy and Mack in helping Joey. I am looking forward to seeing Daisy's love-interest and Daisy's Lieutenant try not to beat the hell out of each other. 

+ LEO FITZ   Iain was the MVP of the episode by far. From the moment we first see him, doing his best James Bond impersonation in a nice looking suit and shades, we knew Fitz was a man on a mission. That mission is to find out what happened to the love of his life, Jemma Simmons. (which he admits to the person he is trying to trade information to). After a great scene, Fitz escapes with what he wanted and goes back to the lab. 

There him and Coulson talk about everything that has happened and mostly to try to help Fitz. The best scene of the episode happens next after Fitz's finds out that the message he risked his life for just, what was suppose to help figure out the thing that captured Simmons, all it said was "Death". So Fitz's takes a shotgun, shoots open the case containing the monolith and starts pounding on it. He screams from his soul "DO SOMETHING" 

Iain's raw emotion in these scenes as he is the only one who is still trying to find Simmons and he is pouring his heart and soul out to find her. He will not give up but that final moment of him hitting it is all of his anger and frustation let out. One of Iain's best scenes in the series. 

+ and -  Simmons location revealed(?) The episode's end tag reveals Simmons on a unknown planet looking like she is being chased by something. I like we got to see Jemma though the - is only from a worried fan's POV as we wonder where she is at and what is happening. Hopefully soon we can get all the answers.

So overall a good and exciting premiere which opens up a few new storylines and continues a couple more for next week. Hope to see you all there!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


11 years ago today , Lost debuted on ABC on a Wednesday night. Created by J.J. Abrams, Jeffrey Lieber and Damon Lindelof , and then later showrunners Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, this show told the story of the passengers of the crashed Oceanic Airlines Flight 815.  For six seasons, this show was able to give us wonderful characters to root for and get to see grow and ones that infuriated us and we pitied. In those seasons, we got polar bears, time travel, smoke monsters and a little glimpse of heaven. So in honor of one of my all-time favorite tv shows, I am going to name 4 of the best moments of the show.

1. The pilot

When the show first starts, we see Dr. Jack Shepherd awake in the middle of a jungle somewhere battered and bruised. He gets up and finds out that he is on a island. At first it looks deserted but then it ends up he has walked right into the middle of a huge crash site.  The next several minutes are chaotic as Jack tries to help his fellow passengers and try to make sense of what's hapening. We even get some getting sucked into  airplane engine before we are 5 minutes in!

This is one of the best pilots I've ever seen as it establishes the main characters and is able to give you so many mysteries right off the top. So many great scenes are here too : Jack and Kate's first meeting, John Locke being badass as hell, our first glimpses at Sawyer, Sun, Jin, Sayid, Boone, Shannon and many more. Another important scene is when Jack , Kate and Charlie, a drug-addicted musician find the pilot of the plane in the jungle. You think the pilot will live but no he is suddenly taken by a unknown force and killed. This shows that do not get used to anyone. That is ends with the immortal line "Guys, where are we?" is icing on the cake.

2. The First meeting with the Others /The Hatch

If you don't count Ethan (that slime) , our castaways have their first meeting with the island dwellers known as "The Others". In the episode , Jin, Sawyer, Michael and Walt are on a raft sailing to get help. They spot a boat in the dead of night during a rain storm. As they wave them down , the find out that the people on the boat have unsavory intentions as they want the boy, Walt. A fight ensues with Sawyer getting shot and The Others over powering Michael and kidnapping Walt. What made them so scary was that not only were they the big bad but also were always one step ahead of the group no matter what they did.  Later we would see why as they were led by one of the most interesting characters on television in the last 10 years, Benjamin Linus.

Meanwhile, at the same time Locke, Hurley, Kate and Jack are investigating a hatch that first Locke and Boone (RIP) found a few episodes before. Jack and Locke disagree on why to open the hatch but both agree to blow up the hatch to figure out what is inside. They set up the dynamite but then Hurley see numbers on the hatch. (the cursed numbers is a whole 'nother thing that would take hours to explain) Hurley freaks out and tries to stop it but Jack is able to stop him and the hatch is blown. It opens and the last shot of the season is Jack and Locke looking down with the camera view from coming inside the hatch. Lost always did a wonderful job of creating suspense , especially for their season-ending episodes whether it was a hatch , a bomb exploding or something else entirely. It was such torture waiting to see what Jack and Locke would find in the hatch, brother.


Lost always had great season finales and season 3 was probably their best. Charlie and Desmond end up going to a sub underwater to shut off a device that is blocking all radio transmissions. They are able to over come the Others (including a young Regina Mills) and Charlie is able to stop the blocking device. He is then contacted by Penny who tells her that the boat Naomi, who parachuted onto the island, is not hers. Then one of the others blows up the room and Charlie is trapped in the room. He sees Desmond in the window and in his last act writes NOT PENNY'S BOAT on his hand to show Desmond.

Desmond's death is honestly the most painful one ever on the show as we all fell in love with Charlie. We had cheered as he overcame addiction and became a protector for Claire. We felt sad when Charlie lied to Claire about the Virgin Mary statue and we felt happiness when Charlie and Claire reconciled so when he died , we all felt the pain that Hurley and Claire would feel when they found out. Charlie Pace is a great example of having a audience care for a character and then root for him and get our hearts broken when the character dies. Much credit to Dominic Monaghan for his wonderful performance through three seasons and getting us hooked on a song for years after it aired. "YOU ARE EVERYBODY"


For the first three seasons, Lost would do constant flashbacks of every character. EVERY character even the hated ones (Nikki and Pablo, I liked you guys a little) got a backstory via flashbacks. So in the season 3 finale we see Jack, bearded and depressed, stealing pills and going to a memorial service. We all think this is a flashback perhaps but then the final scene shatters that. Jack is watching airplanes flying in a fenced area near the airport. All of a sudden a car pulls up and we see that it is Kate who asks Jack what she wants which leads to a immortal line that Jack says when Kate tells him that she'll never go back to the island. "WE HAVE TO GO BACK!!!"  (Me and my brother always say this line to each other). This  would change the show as now we would get flashforwards as the Oceanic Six got off the island in the end of season 4 while the flashforwards showed what was happening to them after they did.

So I can name many more moments that made this the show I love. "The Constant" which one of the best episodes of tv ever and one of the most romantic scenes ever on television.

 Other moments such as the love between characters like : Sun and Jin, Sawyer and Juliet, Kate and Jack or Sawyer. The back and forth mind games between Ben and Locke. The polar bear cages. These characters and this show was a big part of my life for 6 years and I will always have a space in my heart for this show no matter how weird it got in season 6. (spoilers : VERY).

Sunday, September 20, 2015


When we first meet Silas University student Laura Hollis, we find out a few things about her very quickly. First and foremost, she likes to document almost everything on her trusty webcam. She is a go-getter, very ambitious and the only person on campus that suspects something strange is going on.  Her party-heavy roommate Betty forces her to come out with her one night but the next day Laura finds Betty missing, with only a card left behind saying she is has dropped out of school. Laura immediately knows something is up and goes to investigate. At the same time, she meets her new roommate, the mysterious Carmilla.

I laid that out to everyone reading as, although the name of the show is "Carmilla'', the show is also very much about Laura. Through these first few episodes, we see that Laura is very much determined to get to the bottom of what is going on. Thanks to the help of her friends: LaFontaine, Perry and Danny, she's starts working on figuring out what happened to Betty and what has been happening to other girls at the school.

In this post, I am going to explain why Laura Hollis is one of the best characters out there in pop culture. Like many of us, she has her up and her downs, her victories and her failures and her relationship with a certain broody vampire all of which shows us how human Laura truly is.

1.Her never quit attitude

There is a scene in episode 6 of season 1 that I believe is the best example of this.  Carmilla is telling Laura that she should stop her investigation and that she needs to stop playing "Lois Lane".  There is a moment where Laura thinks about it as turns to the camera.
Her eyes open and you can see a look of determination in her eyes, as Laura says "No." Then she says this to Carmilla, as I believe she was also saying to herself.

"No. No, I'm not going to just give up. Maybe you're right. Maybe I am a child. A nineteen year old who had never left her city's limits before she got here. Who thought that university was gonna be some big adventure full of books to read and parties to dance at. Who never thought anything bad could happen. Well it turns out the world doesn't work exactly how I thought it going to. Girls going missing and maybe that's just the way it is but that doesn't mean I have to accept it. I deserve better. Betty deserves better. Hell, even you deserve better."

I think this is one of the best examples of Laura's never quit mindset. She can be forceful about it to the point of stubbornness. Her determination to find out what happened to Betty and the other girls in season 1 led to finding out about Carmilla being a vampire and her connection to the Dean. She was willing to risk her life to save others. Hell, she believes in not cheating on a test and that an "A" grade is a sacred trust.

In season 2, Laura has gone through even more pain and suffering than she did in season 1. She has lost fellow classmates, she had her heartbroken (as did Carm but more on that later) and she has seen her friends go through much upheaval and pain. Laura has lost almost everything and yet she continues to try to save her friends and classmates

2.She is human and makes mistakes

One of the things that makes Laura likable, relatable and to some infuriating is that she makes a ton of mistakes. In the first two seasons, more so Season 2 is that Laura has made a ton of errors in her plans and her judgment.  Everything she has tried to do has been for the best but ended up backfiring on her. We have all been where Laura is at in season 2, you try to do what you thing is right and good and it all ends up going to hell. (Granted our mistakes didn't involve getting your ex-lover's sister killed. I hope.)  Season 1 Laura was more naive and untrusting at times like when she wouldn't wear the bracelet Carmilla made or letting The Dean possess her via necklace.  Before that, she and the others tied up Carmilla, as they believed her behind the kidnappings. This one worked thankfully as it helped them find out more and gain an ally in Carm.  She was able to overcome those mistakes, however with the help of her friends and Carmilla and defeat The Dean. As if she can fix things here in season 2? Sadly, that is a to-be-determined.

Another thing that makes Laura relatable is that she takes everything so very hard. We see her emotions front and center. Everything she has done she thinks is the right thing but sometimes it ends up the wrong thing. She blames herself for the newspaper staff's deaths when it was not. To Laura though, she feels it is her fault because they left.  She does not hide the tears and the hurt she is feeling when her and Carmilla break up. We see her trying to figure out what happened and then we see the aftermath that she is even feeling to this day. It is in episode 31, after Danny kills Mattie, and Carmilla blames Laura for it that Laura understands she screwed up and talks about it.

"I just keep on thinking that there's right, and then there's wrong, and that I'm doing the right thing. I just keep making on all these messes. And this whole time I've been pushing Carmilla to "be better" and "be good" - only I'm the one who betrayed her trust - betrayed something she only told me to keep safe. How is that… good? How is that the right thing to do?"

Laura feels like a hypocrite because she thought Carm and the others should follow along with her in her idea of what is right and wrong. Is she? Yes and No. I know that is such a cheap answer but it is true. Laura tried to do what was right. She trusted Vordenberg to do the right thing but was betrayed by a power-hungry old man. (Editor’s Note: Like most of society! Hey Ho!) After being told about the necklace, Laura told Danny about the necklace because she trusted Danny and did not know if Carmilla would do the right thing. In the back of her mind, she had to have known this wasn't going to end well but to her, she was doing the right thing not just for her but also Danny, Perry, LaF and the rest of her friends. She may have screwed up but that just makes me respect the character of Laura Hollis even more. She is not perfect but she won't stop trying to be good and do what is right.

3. Nerd just like all of us.

This part will be very brief but Laura at heart is a big geek. She loves the things we all do. From her Doctor Who mug that she drinks from all the time to her love of shows like Agent Carter and Orange is the New Black and Scandal on social media, she is us. She loves to be a goof as with her "Boom" reference when she thought she was getting somewhere during the Betty investigation. 

Elise does a great job of showing us this because to be honest she a big lovable goof in real life too. She loves geeking out over shows like Rookie Blue and that influences Laura's character I think. Laura is just like us. We freak out over unexplainable things like her. We want to believe that people can be good like Laura. Laura Hollis is us and thanks to Elise's performance, we believe that.

4. #Hollstein

What a long, wonderful, heartbreaking love story that Laura has gone through with the one Countess Carmilla Karnstein. When they first meet each other, Carmilla tells her she is her new roommate as Laura has started the investigation for her missing roommate Betty. Instantly they get on each other nerves (well mostly Carm on Laura's) as Carmilla acts like the roommate from hell as Laura continues her search for the truth. The first sign of Carmilla starting to like Laura happens in the sixth episode of season 1 during Laura's speech about not giving up. You can see on Carmilla's face that she likes that Laura is standing up to the Dean and admires her bravery.

One of the first biggest Hollstein moments is during episode 11 (s1) when Laura gives an ear to Carmilla as they talk about not living up to their expectations from their parents, with Laura cracking a little joke that gets Carm to smile. Then just as they are about to talk more, Danny interrupts and it ends this moment. (Thanks Danny.) It is a wonderful moment as Laura's cheerfulness is able to break through Carm's walls and get her to smile. When Danny shows up, Carmilla starts feeling a little jealous and leaves.

In later episodes as Laura starts to suspect Carmilla is behind the kidnappings and later finding out she is a vampire, Carm starts warming up to "Lois Lane" as she gives her a bracelet charm and agreeing to go see the stars with her. In episode 17, Laura ready to use herself as bait to lure Carmilla. Episode 17 is one of the biggest Hollstein episodes in my opinion. As Laura is about to go to the party, Carmilla shows up with a bottle of champagne and some interesting attire (Laura points it out "I'm not the one wearing a corset." (We see you checking her out, Laura.) As Carmilla slides up to Laura, she starts to heavily flirt with Laura. It’s fun to see how flirty Carm is here compared to how nervous Laura is. I think though she is more nervous about liking Carmilla then being bait. It is interesting to watch this back and see how much Carmilla had fallen for her and Laura trying so hard to hide her feelings. The roles would be reversed soon enough. As Carmilla is just about to make a move, she is interrupted by Danny, Perry and LaF there to "save" Laura and tie up Carmilla.

 As we continue the next few episodes, Carmilla and Laura bond through her keeping Carm hostage and the epic retelling of Carmilla's origin though PUPPET THEATER!! That episode is important as Laura learns much more about Carmilla and you can see that she is falling for her.  She later tells Danny, that she doesn’t reciprocate her crush anymore in a moment where Laura stands up for herself. 

In episode 28 (s1) is another wonderful Hollstein moment. As Laura and Carmilla are talking, the discussion goes to Carm's life in 1698. Carmilla talks about what they did for fun and she mentions that one of the things was waltzing. As she and Laura do a quick waltz, Carm says it was almost like sex.  Here is when I think Laura realizes she is completely in love with Carmilla or as she puts it in the end of the episode "WORST CRUSH EVER".

Then, a necklace Laura finds and puts on lets The Dean possess her. The Dean forces Carm to stop her meddling or she will kill Laura. Carmilla agrees because she doesn't want anything to happen to the person she loves. Then Laura watches the webcam and finds out about it. She feels hurt, not because of Carmilla not wanting to go for a sword that could kill her but because she gave up (Remember Laura's no quit attitude). You can feel how hurt Laura is to see Carm didn't even try to fight back, even though you can tell that Carmilla gave up for Laura.

This leads to the next episode where Laura and Perry go to fight the Dean and her minions. Laura leaves a message for her father and then for Carmilla she says "YOU KNOW!" Laura wants to tell her she loves her but can't quite yet. Carmilla sees the message and goes to help with the fight and get the sword. Laura thinks she did it to be a hero but I think she knows that Carm did it for her. It ends up with it looking like Carmilla has been killed. Laura is in mourning until Perry and Danny find Carmilla's body, which is only in need of blood. Once they are able to revive her, it ends up just being Carmilla and Laura in the room.

As Laura starts rambling as she does when she is nervous, Carmilla goes for it and kisses her not once but twice. As a friend of mine Chelsea said, Carmilla has always been worried about whether the person she loves would run away from her. As for Laura, I think she is stunned but then very happy that Carmilla is here for her. After Carm kisses her, Laura goes back for more kisses that makes all the Hollstein fans giddy as fuck. After they break their kiss, they look at each other and Laura cracks a joke as both smile and are happy. Thus ending season 1 and they all lived happily ever after......*

*Sighhhhh I wish.

Season 2 begins with them very much still in the honeymoon stage, especially Carmilla. She can't keep her hands off her.  They were even sharing the same Doctor Who mug!! They are both very much in love. However, when the school's newspaper staff is killed, Laura's goes to investigate. Carmilla on the other hand is more focused on Laura and just being lovers but Laura can't do that. It's just not in her nature, that's not Laura Hollis. Even though they have a few more moments of lovey-dovey moments, there starts to be cracks in the relationship. First is when Carmilla feels like Laura is bragging too much about how heroic Carm was in the big battle and she doesn't want to be a hero. She just wants to be Laura's lover but Laura needs her help with this.

The next crack to hit their relationship comes in the form of Carmilla's sister, Mattie. Mattie is Laura's number #1 suspect in the newspaper murders but then Mattie starts mentioning how this is only a schoolgirl crush for Carmilla and that Laura is like so many of Carm's former paramours. Laura at first doesn't let it get to her but it slowly gets to her.

It ends up being a combo of both that breaks them up. When Laura asks Carmilla to spy on Mattie, it ends up making Carm mad as hell.  This leads to a moment later when Mattie makes a threat and, in Laura's head, her knight in shining armor Carmilla will make with some heroics and save them all except Carmilla isn't in for that. She loves Laura so much but she is not willing to be a hero. She isn't willing to betray her sister. She just wants to be a lover. In Laura's head, she loves her but wants her to try to be a good person. One who will stay and fight. Carm isn't that and so she breaks up with her.

Laura takes the breakup as we all would, with crying and lots and lots of ice cream. She thinks that love is supposed to change the monster but that is a problem there. Carm's not a monster and it shows when they meet again. Carm is in pain and only knows to show it through her old ways: being a terrible roommate, lots, and lots of sarcasm. Laura deals with it the only way she really knows how, by throwing herself into whatever cause she is going after. This goes on for a while until Vordie becomes the new man in charge and all vampires are being hunted. Laura agrees to hide Mattie and Carmilla. This leads to a few heartfelt moments between Laura and Carmilla where we see it still hurts for both. They love one another but can't get on the right page like many people in love. During one of these conversations is when Carm tells her about the necklace.

Another one of these conversations leads to Laura and Carmilla being more open with each other and admitting they still deeply care about one another. They kiss but then acknowledge they can't be together until this is all over.

A little bit later, we get to a confrontation with Mattie over the possibility of something happening to Perry and then to Danny and Vordie confronting her about the murder of Danny's sisters. It escalates until Mattie attacks Danny and Danny (with the info Laura told her) grabs the necklace and smashes it killing Mattie.  This breaks Carmilla as she snaps at Laura and Laura sees everything blow up in front of her. The next episode Laura admits she screwed up and you can tell her heart is broken almost beyond repair.

Is this the end of Hollstein? I'm not sure to be honest. Laura loves Carmilla and deep down I think Carm still loves her. Laura is a very tough person but still has unintentionally and intentionally caused a lot of pain in Carmilla's life but you can say the same for Carm. They love each other very much but since this is about Laura, I will look at it from her POV here. She wants to make it right with Carm and I think Laura is tired of the battle as much as she is but unlike Carm, she is bound by her sense of honor to stick around and save everyone. Personally, I hope Laura can forgive herself and then I hope that somehow Carmilla can begin to forgive her.

So these are some of the reasons I love Laura Hollis. She is a tough, geeky, love-struck hero who makes mistakes and tries to learn from them. What will happen to Laura at the end of this season? I really don't know. I do know however that no matter what happens whether it be Vordie, Fish gods or a brokenhearted ex, Laura will continue to fight for what she believes is right. That's a person to admire and appreciate in my book.