Wednesday, September 30, 2015


The season premiere of Agents of SHIELD has come and passed and it was a very good premiere. It showed up Daisy in all her powered glory , A new Inhuman menace and questions were answered (some of them). So I decided instead of a regular review, I am going to give + and - to certain parts of the episode. So (spoilers if you haven't watched yet) and here we go!

+ The open. I liked how we went straight into the action as Joey, a newly powered inhuman, is being chased after by a mysterious government unit. As Joey is cornered by the unit, you suddenly see them being blown into the air and then their car as Daisy, Mack and Hunter appear to rescue him. This did a good job of showing Daisy's powers and her newfound confidence as a leader. 

+ Joey. It was great to meet a new inhuman but that was the least important thing about him. He is one of the first openly LGBT characters we have seen in the official MCU and I was also so glad that it was treated very casual. It also did lead to a good comparison he makes to Daisy as they talk about whether they should reveal the presence of Inhumans to the world. I would be really happy to see more of Joey in the future. 

+ Constance Zimmer's Rosalind Price. Constance is a terrific actress (as anyone who has watched UNReal this year saw) and she is a great addition to the show as the yang to Coulson's yin. I don't know if I want to see them get together (I think she's too good for him) but I do like seeing her interact with other parts of SHIELD and to see more of Rosalind and Coulson's trying to outsmart each other. 

-  Grumpy Cat Mug. Geez, Coulson stay ahead with the times. Can't wait till we see Phil asks Daisy one time "WHY YOU LYIN?" sometime next year.

+ - Hunter and Bobbi  It was nice seeing Bobbi and Hunter again but I would have liked to have seen both in action. It is interesting to see Bobbi playing Simmons's role but her character is made for action and I can't wait to see Mockingbird back in the field. 

As for Hunter, he got to be team player for both Daisy and Coulson and it was fine. However he made his intentions known that he was going after Ward. Hopefully he kills him

? No May. It sucked not to see Melinda May in this episode but to be honest she wasn't missed too much. 


+ - LASH. I thought he looked pretty cool but I wouldn't have also minded if they had kept the character more mysterious for a while. But in any event , It will be fun seeing them fight this big inhuman monster.

+ Tension - We saw this in a couple different scenes between a couple different characters. First was between Coulson and Rosalind as they sized each other up basically in their first confrontation on a train. Clark and Constance look to have tremendous back and forth repertoire as it looked like two chess masters sizing up their next move. Excellent subtle work by both.

The other one was between Mack and Lincoln in the hospital where Lincoln is working now. You could feel the tension between the two as Lincoln refused to help Daisy and Mack in helping Joey. I am looking forward to seeing Daisy's love-interest and Daisy's Lieutenant try not to beat the hell out of each other. 

+ LEO FITZ   Iain was the MVP of the episode by far. From the moment we first see him, doing his best James Bond impersonation in a nice looking suit and shades, we knew Fitz was a man on a mission. That mission is to find out what happened to the love of his life, Jemma Simmons. (which he admits to the person he is trying to trade information to). After a great scene, Fitz escapes with what he wanted and goes back to the lab. 

There him and Coulson talk about everything that has happened and mostly to try to help Fitz. The best scene of the episode happens next after Fitz's finds out that the message he risked his life for just, what was suppose to help figure out the thing that captured Simmons, all it said was "Death". So Fitz's takes a shotgun, shoots open the case containing the monolith and starts pounding on it. He screams from his soul "DO SOMETHING" 

Iain's raw emotion in these scenes as he is the only one who is still trying to find Simmons and he is pouring his heart and soul out to find her. He will not give up but that final moment of him hitting it is all of his anger and frustation let out. One of Iain's best scenes in the series. 

+ and -  Simmons location revealed(?) The episode's end tag reveals Simmons on a unknown planet looking like she is being chased by something. I like we got to see Jemma though the - is only from a worried fan's POV as we wonder where she is at and what is happening. Hopefully soon we can get all the answers.

So overall a good and exciting premiere which opens up a few new storylines and continues a couple more for next week. Hope to see you all there!!

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