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I know everyone is doing one of these posts because I think I have read them all! SO I'm going to do a quick post of the top 5 things I loved about the new Season 4 trailer for Arrow in no particular order(which returns October 7th!)

1. Felicity and Oliver happy.

It was so nice to see them happy and smiling for a change after all the angsty moments in season 3. Stephen and Emily 's chemistry has always been unbelievably hot and terrific when it was just glances and quick scenes. I'm very happy to see what a "domesticated" Olicity will bring us and if it's anything like the gif above than it will be a beautiful thing to see. I know it is nice to see both Oliver smiling and Felicity being Felicity and them getting to do these things together. You know, the loving glances and remarks, the arguments over towels and then the make-up sex over said towels. (That last one is key.) It will be interesting to see them go through all the phases of being a couple , the highs and lows while also working together to help protect Star City.

2. Speedy in action!!

One of the best developments near the end of season 3 was Thea Queen taking over for her former boyfriend and joining Team Arrow as the newest member of the group after her trip into the Lazarus Pit. In the trailer we get to see both aspects of this as Thea is helping Laurel and Diggle fight off some goons and showing off some skillz while doing it. But also we see Thea and Oliver sparring (whether it is just that or more is unknown) and Thea threatening to kill someone with Oliver asking her to stop.  How has the Lazarus Pit changed Thea? will be one of the most interesting storylines for this season, I think.

3. New and returning characters!!

Two of the worst things about Season 3 was a) how Ray Palmer was introduced and then how Ray was handled for a good part of the season and b) the death of Sara Lance in the season premiere. I'm happy to say that the new characters we are getting look really fantastic and fun!! Echo Kellum joins on as Mr. Terrific Curtis Holt and it looks like him and Felicity are going to have a funny repertoire as Echo is a terrific actor and welcome addition. Also appearing this season in supporting roles will be Rutina Wesley as a Lady Cop (a important member of Lance's task force) , Neal McDonaugh as Damien Darhk the baddie of the season (More on him in a sec), Parker Young as a potential love interest for Thea and a special guest appearance from John Constantine himself!! (CROSSOVER YAY!)

I cannot say enough how happy I am that Sara Lance is coming back. Caity Lotz has always been great as Sara Lance, showing her struggle to let go of the League of Assassins and try to help her family and Star City. So to see her back will be great as once again the Lazurus Pit is involved. Really excited to see this episode for many reasons : Constantine, the return of Nyssa!!! <3 and how will Malcolm Merlyn fit into all of this. So many questions that I'm interested to see answered including the most important one : HOW?? and also she look terrific for being dead a year.

4. Damien Darhk 

Last season I think one of the problems was that the main villain wasn't that good to be honest. Ra's Al Ghul was a dissappointment to be fair and it hurt the arc of the season. This year I have a good feeling that Damien will be more than up to the challenge. Neal McDonough plays the man himself and it looks like he will unleash a HIVE of problems onto Oliver and the rest of Team Arrow. Neal is such a talented actor who has almost mastered of the way of making bad look so good. (example : Justified, Walking Tall). It will be fun to see how Neal is able to master HIVE and try to wipe Star City off the map (Yeah that old chestnut)

5. New pairings teaming-up

Also shown in the trailer is new combos working together : Laurel and Thea is one that will be interesting to see as it looked like they have bonded possibly during Oliver's absence from Star City. I am hoping with them with Diggle will be a nice things to witness.

*Also about Diggle, I can't wait to see how he reacts to Oliver and Felicity's return. From the little bit shown in the trailer, it looks not too well.  Also we are suppose to get more of John's family life (YAY!) and as for Dig's new least we can get to see him headbutt people and give them concussions! 

Also the newest pairing in the trailer I liked was Mr. Terrific and Felicity. The Quick bits shown in the trailer has been really fun to see as Echo and Emily have great comedic timing with each other and it's fun to see another person introduced to this world with a fresh set of eyes at all the craziness! 

So those are my thoughts on the trailer and sort of my thoughts on the season. I think it will be a really fantastic one with all the OLICITY, Team Arrow , Lance Drama and more that we all want. Oh and last but not least we also got Felicity shooting a machine gun and that pretty damn cool.

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