Wednesday, May 25, 2016

 Season 3 of Agents of SHIELD just wrapped up last week and many different changes happened to our scrappy group of agents.  Love, Death, Farewells and much more have happened. Below I will give what I believe are a couple of the highlights and lowlights of season 3.


#FitzSimmons -It was a up and down year for our favorite British scientists which thankfully for them ended on a up for their personal relationship. (YAY) At the beginning of the season we saw Fitz raise hell to try to find where Simmons went and rescue her only to find out she had fallen for Will, a astronaut who had been stranded at the planet she was taken too. (more on that episode in a bit)

So Fitz, decided to do what he thought best and help Simmons find Will. Fitz's ends up on the planet only to find that Hive has taken over Will's body. Hive ends up leaving Will's body (then goes into Ward's - more on him later as well)

The back half of S3 is Simmons and Fitz once again realizing their feelings for one another which leads to the kiss at the beginning of this paragraph as they become a official couple. They consummate their relationship at the end of 3x18 (video below)

It has been really nice to see a relationship grow from best friends to a couple deep in love with one another. A ton of credit should go to Iain and Elizabeth and the exception chemistry they have with one another. It will be interesting to see where the relationship goes in season 4 as whenever a Whedon is in charge of a show, relationships don't usually end well. Let's hope Jed is less like his brother in that regard. (THIS ISN'T BUFFY JED. LET US BE HAPPY)

Bobbi and Hunter's farewell - In the middle of season 3 just before the Hive storyline kicked into full gear, we were forced to say goodbye (for now) to two of the best characters on the show as Bobbi and Hunter's mission in Russia went south fast. 

In the end , Coulson made a deal to save them from a life in prison but it had to be that they would no longer be agents.  In one of the best scenes of the year, Bobbi and Hunter are at a local establishment when they are giving drinks from a unknown person. As the drinks add up you see the rest of the team giving Hunter and Bobbi "The Spy's Farewell" as one by one they raise their glasses.  Finally Mack is the last one to raise his glass as his emotions overcome him along with all of us and says goodbye to the two people he's closest with in his life.  A great scene highlighted by Adrienne Padlicki and Nick Blood emotion just from their expressions. Though there is a good chance we could see them again next season it takes nothing away from this emotional scene.

4,722 Hours - One of the best episode of tv last year, it showed what happened to Simmons while she was trapped on the planet. It was a great story highlighted by Elizabeth Henstridge's tour-de-force performance through the whole hour as she tells the story to Fitz. Conveying every emotion imaginable, she shows us just what Simmons had to go through to survive.


If you have another favorite moment from this season I didn't mention , let me know at my twitter account @cdulaney85 and here's to season 4!