Saturday, August 8, 2015

                HOPES FOR 2015 TV season 

We are coming up very soon on a new tv season for a lot of our favorite shows. I've lost count of how many I will be watching but in the following below I will name the shows I regularly watch and list my hopes for what happens this season. Tell me your thoughts on Twitter by tweeting at me @cdulaney85 or in the comments below.

Sleepy Hollow - Oh boy, I don't know to be honest. I do hope they are doing "monster of the week" stories. The main thing though is they must have the focus about Abbie and Ichabod. Season 1's success was because of their tremendous chemistry and that was messed around with too much in season 2. So a focus on them and their partnership with nice moments from Jenny Mills as well will go a long way in righting the ship back to the great course it was on before.

Agents of SHIELD - The upcoming "Secret Warriors" arc sounds pretty good. My main hope is for a few more "traditional" comic villains to show up. Simmons to be found quickly and not turned evil. Bobbi to get healthy and kick more ass. Fitz gets to be happy for once. AND WARD FUCKING DIES

The Flash - I am looking forward to all the new heroes being introduced in the series but I hope they keep the focus on the core team members. Iris working together with Team Flash is another thing I am looking forward to and I hope we can see a friendship between her and Caitlin grow. Joe lives at least for one more season and Tom Cavanagh continues to be a part of the cast as well no matter what his role will be. As for the romance side, have it not the main focus of the show until they finally decide to have Barry and Iris get together which I hope comes by the end of the season at the latest. (If you are going to commit and have a bunch of future hints to it, then just do it.)

Agent Carter - With season 2 being in Hollywood, I'm hoping for Peggy to be hit on by movie actors and then turn them down in fabulous fashion. Jarvis absolutely HATING it there but always being there by Peggy's side. Angie getting a chance to succeed there with help from Peggy. A return of Dottie!! Last thing is a one on one fight between Peggy and Madame Masque.

Brooklyn 99 - Hoping for more of the fun and comedy of season 2. As far as Jake and Amy, hoping they can be a full-fledged couple by the end of the season. Holt returns as Captain but not until a few episodes into the season. Rosa still being a complete badass.

iZombie -With it seeming like the Max Rager corporation being the big bad for season 2, I'd like to see Liv and Blaine working together to stop the corporation. Major and Ravi back to being besties. More Peyton in season 2. and last but not least , A Kristen Bell guest appearance as well. (Save Jason for season 3.)

Arrow- First, I'd like to see Olicity in full relationship form some episodes and in the background of others. (like the little teasings, the fights, the making up after the fights, etc.) Would love to see more of Diggle's family life. Laurel and Sara to reunite and then have Laurel move over to Legends of Tomorrow where more women are much needed.  More unique team-ups : Thea/Felicity, Diggle/Thea, Oliver/Mr.Terrific for example. (excited to see Echo Kellum as Mr. Terrific, hopefully in costume by the end of the season)  The biggest thing is I want Damien Darhk to be a badass villain. I was so disappointed in Ra's last season and I think Neal McDonough will do a great job and will make Damien a  wonderful opponent for Oliver Queen.

Doctor Who - More fun adventures with Doctor/Clara. New and scary villains (and please no more Daleks or Cybermen, I know this is wishful thinking but give them a year's rest.) (update: I guess the Daleks are going to be in this season but at least they are multiple colors this time!)

Legends of Tomorrow - If the show is going to travel through time then go all the way with it. Quantum Leap this bitch. Also I want to see lots of bickering and Rip Hunter wise-cracks. Sara struggling with her resurrection but still being herself. Also limit the crossovers with The Flash and Arrow once the series starts. Let it get it's footing before we do mega-crossover "CRISIS" stuff.

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