Sunday, January 10, 2016

A quick rundown of my picks for tonight's Golden Globes 

Best Film - Drama : Mad Max Fury Road

Mad Max was such a unbelievable visual stunning movie and I think it will be recognized tonight for it's brand of storytelling. 

Best Film - Comedy/Musical : The Martian

Hiding as a outer-space movie, this film is a great human drama study on how to survive through everything including being alone

Best Actor - Drama : Leonardo DiCaprio 

Leo had the buzz this season and it feels like everyone is ready to crown him for this role. (though I think Fassy had the much better performance) 

Best Actor - Comedy/musical : Matt Damon

Matt was really exceptional as the Mark Watney , a man trapped trying to survive and stay alive

Best Actress - Drama : Brie Larson

In a really strong field, Brie's was a masterpiece and let everyone know how talented she truly is.

Best Actress - Comedy/Musical : Melissa McCarthy

This is maybe my upset pick but I really enjoyed Melissa in Spy as she was able to get laughs from the spy genre.

Best Supporting Actor - Sylvester Stallone 

I think Rylance might get it but I'm going with Stallone here as he delivered his best performance in years as Rocky Balboa in Creed

Best Supporting Actress - Kate Winslet

I trust a friends's thoughts and they said Winslet was outstanding in Steve Jobs though this could go to Alicia Vikander for Ex Machina. I can see it go either way but will go with them honoring Winslet this time

Best Director - George Miller

I think this one should be a lock as Mad Max was visually stunning and a masterpiece and it was the vision of George Miller


Best Show - Drama : Mr. Robot

Going to go with Robot here as it was a show that challenged you in many ways and did not give a crap to mess with your mind. Outlander could sneak in there but I see it winning something else

Best Show - Comedy/Musical: Veep

Veep had a great season with the addition of Hugh Laurie and it's storyline of Selina as Pres and it will be honored one more time for it.

Best Actor - Drama : Bob Odenkirk 

In a slightly weak field , I'll go with Slippin' Jimmy here as Bob showed us how trying to be good ends up making you feel bad.

Best Actor - Comedy/Musical: Rob Lowe

The Grinder has been a pleasant surprise and Rob has been hilarious each week as "The Grinder" who has trouble leaving his tv character behind

Best Actress - Drama : Caitriona Balfe

I think this will be Outlander's big win as Caitriona has been amazing as Claire , a woman stuck in another time and falling in love

Best Actress - Comedy/Musical : Rachel Bloom

The Golden Globes like to honor new actresses and I see them doing this for Rachel whose show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend mixes great songs with great acting lead by Rachel as the lead character who we root more for even as she messes up more and more 

Best Actor - Miniseries : Oscar Isaac

It's Oscar Isaac's world and we are all just lucky to be in it.

Best Actress - Miniseries : Kristen Dunst

Kristen was a highlight of season 2 of Fargo and her Peggy was always wonderful to see whether she was in a comedic moment, trying to control the situation or running for her life.

Best Supporting Actor - Tobias Menzies 

Full disclosure : didn't watch Bloodline, sorry. But Tobias's pure evilness as Black Jack Randall and the scenes of him and Jamie in the last few episodes were stunning, hard to watch at times and view into damn fine good acting 

Best Mini-series/ TV Movie : Fargo

Fargo in it's second season was still above all and delivered on many levels and showed it didn't suffer from season 2 blues.

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