Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Agents of SHIELD came back last night and I am going to do a quick review of the major things that happened in the episode.

- The Flash-Forward. Hmm I swear I've seen this plot device before and recently too. Oh well. We started the episode in space as 3 MONTHS FROM NOW flashes on the screen. Mostly we see a quinjet(?) in space as suddenly we go inside the ship to see that something bad has happened inside of there as blood drops are floating alongside a torn cross as the ship is blowing up.

Now the speculation begins : Who is in the ship? Honestly I have no clue right now. (Well except Bobbi and Hunter. Ain't them for sure. Hello Marvel's Most Wanted.)

-As for the main stories of the episode we had the main A-plot of the team trying to find and help a new inhuman by the name of Elana "yo-yo" Rodriguez , a newly christened speedster. She kidnaps Mack at first but after she is captured, they find out she is only stealing weapons to keep them from the corrupt police force. Who end up having their own inhuman! (His power , sort of a madusa stare, was pretty cool) The Secret Warriors/Shield team are able to rescue Bobbi and Hunter, who were kidnapped by them just as Hydra shows up to collect their medusa boy.

It was a okay storyline which did have a few cool moments of fun and a few chuckles but overall I felt very okay with it. I wish we could spend more time with Yo-Yo however as her scenes with Mack had just a hint of the chemistry I had been hoping for. (Sidenote : Mack really needs some lovin'. CMON SHOW)

- B-plot was Coulson trying to get more info on ways to get at Gideon Malick. This was mehh at best but this could be to my overall blahness over all things Coulson anymore. He is able to get info on how to contact Malick from baby Strucker and sends him a threat. This leads Gideon to close some of his businesses and the stock market to go down
(and also how does this stop him, Phil? All you've done is honestly cost people their jobs. Way to go.)


- As for couples on the show - Daisy and Lincoln are full-steam ahead if the make-out session near the end of this episode was any indication.

As for FitzSimmons, it was awkward between them for most of the episode till Jemma finally spoke some truth to Fitz. They both agreed to a fresh start which I hope is the beginning of something really good (I HOPE)

- Ward is Hive now. That's basically all to say about these scenes.....I got nothing else.

-May was pretty quiet this episode (well more than usual) as she was in the scene where The President confronted Coulson on what his plans for Malick were and a nice quiet scene at the end where she tells Coulson "He's joined the Calvary" I expect this to change very soon however.

OVERALL : This episode was okay at best. There were good moments but for a spring premiere episode this just felt a little flatter than I expected it to be. The Inhumans storyline will go for the rest of the season and it will be interesting to see what other powered characters they meet.*

 *Personal Opinion : Just give me my FitzSimmons

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