Wednesday, June 29, 2016

"But if you meant something to someone, if you helped someone, or loved someone. If even a single person remembers you, then maybe you never really die."

5 years ago when Person of Interest started, I'll be honest and say while I liked the show, it wasn't my favorite show on the air. I watched because of Michael Emerson at first honestly. Jim Caviezel was a favorite of my brother's but overall the show was just something to enjoy for a hour. It was pretty much a crime precedual and while nothing is wrong with that, it would be nothing I would remember over time either. I mean in the first season there were hints of a good show there thanks to Emerson, Caviezel and Kevin Chapman but I never thought it would reach legendary status......

But then the season 1 finale aired and Amy Acker was the guest-star. She was at first a number but then at the end of the episode she was revealed to be the mastermind known as "Root".  Thanks to Amy's performance, the show started becoming more special as she brought everyone up to another level as she made Root one of the best characters on television. Season 2 introduced Sarah Shahi's character to the show in the form of the silent, deadly Sameen Shaw who added the final spark needed. Some will say it became a show about what kind of power Artificial Intellgence has over us.  While that is true a little, it became so much more.

So as everyone will say what they thought of the series finale, I come to say what Person of Interest  became to me.

It's weird to say sometimes but I think Person of Interest became a show about family and what you would do to save/get back/defend them. It didn't matter if you were a human by the name of Root, Finch,Fusco, Shaw or Reese. It didn't matter if you were AI called "The Machine". These individuals all were at one point in their lives broken. And though they would suffer losses again (One huge loss was the death of Joss Carter in season 3) , they would never give up fighting together and for The Machine.

(Also with one of the greatest names in tv history : Team Machine)

The show was also about how AI and technology is everywhere now and it's still up to us humans to decide whether it can be used to help or hurt people. Finch believed that his Machine can be used to help humanity by 'not to save somebody but to save everybody' while Samaritan considered the best way to help humanity was to take out "Deviants" which it considered most of Team Machine to be.

Through all-time great episodes like "If-Then-Else" and "6,741" , we got to see how both The Machine and Samaritan works and the impact it makes on the lives of Team Machine (also with great performances by Amy and Sarah in both episodes too)

And it was also a show about growth and finality and how we all deal with it. Reese was a man lost when he met Harold Finch and through 5 years they worked together and when Reese sacrificed himself for Finch to stop Samaritian, we all cried like Harold did. When Root sacrificed herself to save Harry and the machine, we mourned and were hurt. When we first met Root , she was a 'bad guy' but through time and the work of the writers and Amy, we grew to love her and she became to a lot of people the best character on the show.

When we first met Fusco , he was a corrupt cop being blackmailed to help Reese. Through the 5 seasons however, he became something more than that. He became a trusted ally to the team and someone who took many bumps and bruises for them. When we first met Shaw , she was working with her partner unknowingly for The Machine. Shaw at first refuses to join up with Finch and Reese but ends up working and fighting alongside them.

(Special mention to Shaw and Root's relationship which went from wanting to generally kill each other (well on Shaw's side for sure) to one of I would consider love and genuine caring for each other - 4 Alarm Fire)

And finally I will mention what the show GAVE me. Not only did it give me over 100 episodes and 5 years of entertainment but also friendships (Online which is perfect for this show) with people like Isa whose passion and love for this show is topped by no one. Sharan who I've enjoyed many a discussion with over many topics brought up by this show. Even Simon who when I don't want to strangle him, loves talking about this show more than maybe anyone on this earth. These are just a few of the people (alongside Matt, Yasher, A.Thena and more) who I have had a great time talking about this wonderful show with.

So I will end this with a Thank You to Michael Emerson, Amy Acker, Jim Caviezel, Sarah Shahi, Kevin Chapman, Taraji P. Henson and the many guest-stars who gave us many lasting memories for to remember and cherish.

Thank you to Jonathan Nolan , Denise The, Greg Plageman and the multiple writers and producers who worked on this show and always gave us their best efforts. Thank You to the crew who tiredlessly worked to make this show one of the best on tv even when it was barely noticed.

So don't think of this as the end because victim or perpetrator, if your number's up......we'll find you.

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