Wednesday, November 23, 2016

2016 is has been one big flaming pile of shit but on this holiday as most everyone else does, I look for things to give thanks to via article post.

So right now I'm going to highlight some of the things in movies, tv or just random that made me forget how crappy a year this has been.  So my choices are the following :

-the "San Junipero" episode of Black Mirror

-Season 3 finale of From Dusk Till Dawn 

- The touching final seasons of Person of Interest and Carmilla

-Finding out about shows like Poldark and the awesome Demelza on there

- *My only Sports one*
Seeing my favorite quarterback ride off into the sunset a Super Bowl champion

-the wit and wisdom of Mike Lawson on Pitch

-the continued genius of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend 


- Fun enjoyable shows like Wynonna Earp 

- Wrestling that makes me feel like a kid again

-Shows that make me think like Westworld

- Healthy TV relationships like Fitzsimmons, Captain Swan and Jake and Amy from Brooklyn 99

- The Airport scene in Civil War

- Amy Adams's performance in Arrival

- Sing Street

These are just some of the things in tv, sports and movies I am thankful for. Have a Great Thanksgiving holiday everybody!!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Charles Dulaney

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