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Brooklyn Nine-Nine has become my favorite comedy in the last couple seasons.* With the season 2 finale coming up sunday night at 8:30 on FOX I wanted to write about this show. As I got to thinking why I love this show so much, two things came to mind.

* I still love Community but it's not as good as it once was and I'll leave it at that

First it is the tone of the show. Most comedies even today have a fair amount of darkness to them. Which is fine, I don't mind that at all. However, there is something to enjoy about a show that doesn't take itself too seriously but also does not go over the line into full on parody mode. Brooklyn 99 is that show. A show with heart, strong characters and unique personalities. The writing is always on point and never lazy. Credit for that goes to Dan Goor and Michael Schur, both of whom worked on and the latter who co-created a iconic show Parks and Recreation which this show gets a lot of it's tone from. They have been able to have the characters grow and evolve without losing the essence of what makes them them.  Also how great a show is it to have so many wonderful female characters as well?

That leads me to the other reason I love the show so much: the wonderfully unique characters on here played by the talented cast. The actors and actresses have fully developed the characters in the span of only 2 seasons. So I would like to give a little love to each character on the show and what I love about them so much.

                                     CAPTAIN RAY HOLT 

Captain Holt is one of the best characters on TV in my opinion. Andre Braugher has done so many wonderful TV shows but this is my favorite role of his. SO many things Holt does I love : His ability to make even the most simplest line hilarious coming from him  "HOT DAMN!"

Also I like this season how they have had him loosen up without changing Ray. He's been more involved in the lives of his officers though sometimes not of his own free will. His interactions with Gina have been terrific. It's always fun when Holt shows emotion and the officers can't tell if he is joking or being serious.

Also as a gay character , it is never played for cheap laughs and if joked about never in a hurtful way. And also I really love that Holt is always protective of his squad even when they screw up badly because he cares for these people.  Him and Jake's relationship has always been a nice thing to watch as Jake at first did not like him but over time Jake has grown to think of him as a father figure while Holt has grown to respect Jake even with his unusual methods. As the series has gone on there have been moments of both standing up for the other even in secret.*

*A great moment of this is in the episode "Old School" where Jake punches a old crime-reporter when the reporter refers to Holt in a derogatory manner.

                                         JAKE PERALTA 

A good amount of people I talk to admit they weren't huge Andy Samberg fans. However now, those same people love him thanks to his role and performance as Det. Jake Peralta.
Jake is always turning out the jokes on here (very funny ones too) but the parts I love with Jake are the moments when he is goofing with Charles or working with Rosa. He is the friend that will make jokes on you but always have your back when you need it. And in the Brooklyn 99 has has found the family he so desperately needed from the little brother in Boyle to a father figure in Capt. Holt.

Also I'm inserting this gif cause I freaking love it from the episode the detectives went to Holt's house for dinner. Jake and Amy were caught by Terry snooping in Holt's bedroom and then found his dog. This is Jake's response when Amy's allergies are triggered by the dog.

Also some of my favorite episodes are Jake and Amy stories (The Bet, Operation: Broken Feather, Boyle-Linetti Wedding, Det. Dave Majors, etc.) Andy and Melissa have a ton of chemistry as Jake and Amy are perfect together in the ultimate opposites attract way.

One thing the show has done well is the slow burn of the Jake-Amy relationship. They started the show as friendly rivals and slowly over time have become friends and one of the best scenes of the show was Jake admitted he had feelings for Amy in the season 1 finale *Romantic styles* and this season has seen their feelings for each other slowly grow bit by bit.

                                            AMY SANTIAGO

Melissa Fumero is a actress I knew zero about before Brooklyn 99 had started. Now I can think of no one else who could play Det. Amy Santiago better than Melissa. Amy is one of a kind - She is obsessed with being the best yet never backs down from stating her opinion on things.  Another great thing about Amy is when she is around her friends in non-work related situations and tries to relax. "Six-drink" Amy is just one example of how funny Melissa is on here. Another one is when Amy, Jake and Terry are hiding in the Captain's bathroom and her allergies to his dog hits her. One underrated aspect of Melissa's work is most definitely her physical comedy ability. With just a look of bewilderment or shock , she can make you laugh in a heartbeat. Also she is a take-no-shit woman and never lets pigs like "The Vulture" get away with anything said to her.

Also since it takes two , this season I have loved Amy and Jake's scenes. I love their friendship but as you can see in recent episodes that Amy is starting to fall for Jake more and more. Again I say this is a great job of both the writers and the actors. An example of this is the end of "Boyle-Linetti Wedding" when Jake thinks Amy is going to dance with him but instead it is a old lady as Amy gets one up on Jake but you can see in both of them that they realize that their feelings for each other are still there.

                                        Charles Boyle

Boyle is a unique character in the Brooklyn 99 world. He is a good friend to Jake to the point of being a lackey but it works thanks to Joe Lo Truglio's performance and gift of comedic ability.  Charles is always good for much need comedic-relief whether it be something food-related to just one of the many quirks Boyle has. Also he has a knack for saying strange things that confuse and annoy his fellow detectives

Also early on in the show , they showed that Boyle had a crush on Rosa but they have completely gone away from that as now they are partners and friends as there are wonderful scenes of Rosa asking Charles for advice when Rosa starts dating Holt's nephew Marcus. The best thing about Charles though is just his optimistic joy at things. Always happy to help his friends or feeling good about a delicious slice of pizza. He can go Full Boyle and you love him even more for it.

                                          TERRY JEFFORDS 

Sgt. Terry Jeffords is a big part of this show in more ways than one truthfully. One of the wonderful things Terry Crews brings to the role is he is a massive giant of a man. A bodybuilder but inside of that huge chest lies a family man with a heart twice the size of his muscles. He is like a protective big brother to the team especially Gina and Jake, saving them from getting into trouble when their antics cause them too. Another thing I have liked a lot is whenever Terry and Capt. Holt interact and have stories together. This was first shown when Capt. Holt helped out Terry with a problem he was having with his brother-in-law to when they worked together to try to find ways to distract Gina.

When the show started, Terry was on desk duty due to a fear of getting shot and he loved his kids so much he feared what would happen if he was gone. As the show has gone on , Terry has gone back into the field but still has shown that family comes first to him. Not many characters like that on television right now. Also Terry Crews is delivering one-liners with the best of them, especially when they are in the third-person.

                                              GINA LINETTI 

What to say about Gina Linetti, played by Chelsea Peretti? Well first off Gina is the most eccentric character on the show and that really is saying something! Gina is a self-narcissistic who is always willing to get ahead of anything as long as it doesn't involve actually doing work. Gina is loved by fans for many things , mostly being always ready for a way to make fun of someone (usually Boyle). It's even funnier when Gina and Boyle started secretly hooking up as she would ingrate it while at the same time insulting Charles

The best Gina stories usually involved Terry and Capt. Holt though.  I love when they have to reign in Gina and help her (Usually with her dance troupe Floorgasm or Dance-y Reagan). Gina has gained a slight sense of responsibility thanks to becoming Holt's assistant though she still is able to make fun of something in a moment's notice.

                                             ROSA DIAZ 

Det. Rosa Diaz is a complex woman. She is very serious about everything yet can crack a smile as big as anyone's. She is so mysterious that Jake only knows 3 things about her even after going to Academy with her. (If anyone is close to Rosa as a friend it is probably Jake. One example is the praise 100 pushups, uttered during a case with the Pontiac Bandit. "100 pushups" being a trust that Jake and Rosa have with one another to believe in the other.  Also he is able to get her to laugh at some of his goofiest shit like only friends can) She can wear a leather jacket like nobody's business and yet also rock a blonde wig and pink shirt as well. Also she is a exceptional impersonator too as this gif shows Rosa doing Amy's "Double-tuck"

I love how Stephanie Beatriz does the voice for Rosa as well. If you have heard Stephanie talk, she has a nice, normal happy voice. As Rosa however, she changes it to a serious angry yet slightly protective voice that is perfect for the character. Everything she has brought to the role has worked and I want to see where the writers and Stephanie will take the character in the next several seasons.

It is also wonderful to see Rosa in painfully awkward situations like the episode where she and her boyfriend Marcus had a dinner with Holt and his husband Kevin. It gets even better when Rosa tries to talk to Holt about possibly being pregnant as both Stephanie and Andre's reaction during this conversation is priceless. Also interesting is seeing Rosa with her boyfriend as you see her softer side in these scenes but also her fear of letting someone in too close.

So as the show has continued they have gotten Rosa to be more friendly too much thankfully. After all how weird would it be too see a always happy Rosa Diaz??? I'm much more use to a Rosa Diaz like this one...

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