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The 2014-2015 TV season has come to a close for the most part and with that I decided to write a best of post for the season. The following categories are my thoughts and when you read them , I hope you decide on who you think is you choice in each spot. Enjoy reading whether you agree or disagree with choices below!


"What would you do if you found out your family is not who they said they were?" This is one of the themes of this season as Paige, daughter of Philip and Elizabeth Jennings found out that they were not who she thought they were. Instead of being normal parents, they are spies for the Soviet Union. This season has shown that being a spy breaks you as evidenced by Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell's performances in season 3. Philip is just tired of everything and when he finds out that he has to seduce a girl barely older than his daughter, he reaches the breaking point even more. He is fed up with his country and ready to let it all go. He just wants to be a good husband and good father. He wants what he is fighting against : The American Dream.

But the main heart of the show is Keri Russell's portrayal of Elizabeth. At the beginning of the season she is still a loyal soldier to the cause but as the season goes on all the lying and the mission have chipped away at her. You can feel her heart break a little when she see Philip go to his other wife Martha when he needs to check up on her. She has grown to love her husband and her kids but cannot forget her love of country first. And as the show's season ends, Paige calls her reverend to tell him the truth as Elizabeth watch Reagan give his famous "Red Menace" speech.  I can't wait to see what happens next.

 (She's fistbumping the baby, I swear!)

Best New Show - (Tie) JANE THE VIRGIN and THE FLASH

It was really hard to pick between these two. So I didn't!!

Jane the Virgin is one of the best shows on television today. It had one of the best first seasons of any show in a long time. Quick one sentence recap of show - Jane Villanueva is a virgin who was artificial inseminated by accident and the show is about her life and her family and friends. One of the best things about this series is that there was no filler episodes. Each one had critical moments. Also the writing is superb with the best mix of enjoyable laugh out loud comedy and great character moments. (A good bit of these come from Jamie Cahill as Rogelio who I will talk about later)  It is a strong showcase for not only female characters but ethnic characters as well. It does a great job with the most common trope too "the Love-triangle" by having all the two men be likable and very supportive of Jane as Jane also knows that she must choose herself and the baby before anyone else. * Also the main focus of the show being Jane and the bond with her mom and grandmother. It is the heart of the show and always leads to such wonderful and emotional scenes.

*Though I'm #TeamMichael

 The Flash has been really a exciting and entertaining hour of television. Lead by Grant Gustin portrayal of Barry Allen who gains powers when the particle accelerator fails, he becomes The Flash. He helps defend the city with Team Flash while trying to find who killed his mom when he was a child.

Like Jane, there has not been very main filler episodes. The show does a great job with excellent stunts and effects but also great emotional moments from such cast members as Grant, Tom Cavanugh, Jesse L. Martin, Candice Patton and Carlos Valdes to name a few. It is not just a good comic-book show but it is a good show period. It does a terrific job of honoring the comics but making changes to fit the stories they want to tell.

Most Anticipated Returning show - From Dusk Till Dawn

Watching this show is basically like watching the most crazy, wild stuff you can think of only times it by 14. Like the movie, it has the Gecko brothers taking the Fuller family hostage. Then like the movie they take them to the Titty Twister. After that though, everything changes. This show is so wild and fantastic but also had exciting character from a brother on the run from the law to a badass preacher daughter  (Who has driven certain fans of that ship crazy waiting for season 2 as well) The excitement for this is also season 2 is new territory for these characters and their stories that has nothing to do with the movie. I can't wait to see where these characters go next.

Best Comedy - BROOKLYN 99

As Parks and Recreation ended this season, this show has taken it's place as the best comedy on tv or the interweb. Headlined by Andy Samberg's goofy Jake Peralta and Andre Braugher's Captain Raymond Holt who you can't tell is happy or angry most of the time. The rest of the cast boast some of the most talented females in comedy right now from Melissa Fumero to Stephanie Beatriz. Always is one line or some facial expression that will make you laugh so hard it hurts. It always stay true to the characters and brings the laughs every single week.

Breakout Actor - Grant Gustin

Breakout Actress- Gina Rodriquez

When Grant first appeared as Barry Allen on Arrow, my first thought was the same as Oliver Queen's "Who the (bleep) is this guy?" Thankfully by the end of that two-parter , Grant had shown that he was ready to be the man on his own show. This first season , he has shown that he is going to be a star for a long time. Whether it be action scenes, dramatic or comedy , Grant has done it all fantastically. A key example of that is whenever Grant has a scene with his father on the show John Wesley Shipp, his father figure Joe West (played by Jesse L. Martin) or having a tender moment with the love of his life Iris West (played by Candice Patton). I've lost count of how many times Grant's performance has made me cry and also made me feel joy at learning new aspects of his power.

Gina Rodriquez is going to be a huge movie star someday. So when you watch Jane the Virgin , you know you are seeing a star being born. She brings Jane to life in a way no other actress could. With Gina's performance, you can see all of Jane's fears, dreams, goals, worries , heartbreak and hope in it. As her character went from being a virgin with a boyfriend to a new single mom, Jane showed that her first and truest love belong to her family. I always love the scenes Gina has with Andrea Navedo (Jane's mother Xiomara) and Ivonne Coll (jane's grandmother Alba). They are always powerful scenes showing the bond they have and Gina is always the anchor of these scenes.

Funniest Character : ROGELIO!!!

Jamie Cahill plays without a doubt the funniest character on tv : ROGELIO DE LA VEGA. (His name must always be in all caps). Rogelio is a very confident individual. In his head , there is only one Rogelio and seeing him in common situations are always comedy gold.  He can be eccentric at times but never call him dramatic!!!

 But also Jamie does a good job of showing how even though Rogelio is selfish and just a touch vain, he still has a good heart inside. His interactions with Jane and Xo are proof of that. Just watches his face when Jane calls him "Dad" for the first time. A beautiful scene between Gina and Jamie. Also I love when Rogelio is with Michael. So much joy and fun in those scenes as they embrace the bromance when he helps Michael stakeout a suspect.

Most Improved Show : Agents of Shield

I was very happy with how season 1 ended with the reveal of Hydra and Coulson and the team picking up the pieces.  Season 2 improved on that with the Inhumans/Other SHIELD arc and the introduction of Cal, played by the marvelous Kyle McLaughlin. There were great character arcs such as Fitz's as he recovered from a serious brain injury and then as  Simmons returned into his life. Also the arrival of Mockingbird , played by Adrienne Padlicki gave the show more kick-ass coolness and another strong female character to add with Chloe Bennet's Skye, Ming-Na Wen's Melinda May and Elizabeth Henstringe's Jemma Simmons.

With the cliffhanger ending involving the disappearance of one of their agents and the possibility of more super powered individuals in to the universe, I am psyched to see where they go for season 3.

TOP 5 FAVORITE EPISODES : The Flash - "Out of Time"

                                          Agent Carter - "Now is not the end"

                                         Parks and Recreation - "Leslie and Ben"

                                         Community- "Emotional Consequences of Broadcast Television"

                                          The Americans - "Stingers"

BEST KISS : Jake and Amy - Brooklyn 99

Best kiss on tv since Jeff and Annie's in the season 1 finale of Community in my opinion.

FAVORITE SEX SCENE (PGish range) - Oliver and Felicity - Arrow

Instead of talking about it and how all of mine and the Olicity fans hopes here came true, I'll just post the clip!

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