Sunday, June 14, 2015

I got to watch Jurassic World yesterday. The theater was packed. Seriously, they were sending people away. I was actually worried I'd lose my seat if I left to get popcorn even though I was sitting with my brother. So I got to watch the movie with a full house and here are my thoughts on the film as a fan not a reviewer.

(SPOILERS for the movie!!)

- It was a very fun and enjoyable film. It wasn't as good as Jurassic Park but everybody involved said that they never tried to be. I considered it more of a it's own thing that honored the first film but never tried to be a imitation.

-Chris Pratt is the best "Everyman'' in the movies right now. Witty, charismatic and charming. His scene with the raptors near the beginning of the film is one of my favorite parts. (I will agree though that Chris should ease on how many movies he's making right now. I think Chris is smart enough to notice this. Also he has stated that he will lessen his load of movies sooner than later for his family. Another reason to like him so much.)

-Bryce Dallas Howard who does everything Chris does, except in heels. (By the way, who cares she's doing all this stuff in heels? Dinosaurs/genetic modified ones at that and people are complaining about her doing all these scenes in heels isn't realism? sigh.) I would love to see her play badass characters more often.

- Claire's nephews played by Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins were good in their roles. They were able to be kids without falling into that trap of being annoying or whiny. (Though they do something I can not understand. More on that later.)

- Good comedy relief from Jake Johnson in the film too. His little dinosaurs on his station made me think of him as a sort of reverse Nealy. A man who loves dinosaurs and doesn't care about profits, he just loves his job.

- The dinosaurs in the film were great. Nothing that will revolutionize the industry but I enjoyed and was amazed at them still. It was cool to see to see the  Indominus Rex (though why you add treefrog into , mad scientists, I'll never know).  Also awesome was the T-Rex at the end of the film and it's fight with Indominus.*

*Sidenote : Claire leads the t-rex into the fight with a flare , a shout-out to the original film.
I have seen people complain that she should outrun it. SHE DIDN'T. She had a headstart, only ran in front of it for a bit and then threw the flare at the Indominus Rex. She wasn't running a mile or two from it. sigh

- Vincent D'Onofrio played Hoskins, head of security. I enjoyed his "I'm your friend but I also want to use you" vibe he had with the raptors. I wish he could have been back for the next one but being mauled happens you know? (also watch him on Daredevil as the Kingpin if you haven't. DO IT)

-At first, the raptors betrayal of Owen rivaled up with Benedict Arnold's. Thankfully they remembered their bond with Owen and was able to help save him from the Indominus.

-Also I can understand why the kids were allowed to go to the island without their parents but WHY DO YOU NOT HANG OUT WITH KATIE MCGRATH?? So what if she was just some assistant? I would have never left her side even if she was the meanest person in the world. Those kids deserved to be eaten just for that.

                                                    Stupid Kids.

-So I was happy with the film. It's was a packed house, people cheered at scenes and laughed at others. I felt tears hit my eyesockets when Owen and Claire find the injured brontosaurus and try to comfort it in its last moments. A really fantastic scene.

I won't give the movie a grade or nothing. All I will say is I think if you enjoy action films with fun and excitement, then I would recommend this one. It won't win awards and it's not trying to. It just wants to entertain you for a couple hours and it accomplishes it's goal.

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