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One of the toughest things about being a fan is when you get hooked on a tv show and it is cancelled after just a season. It sucks but I have started to go into the mindset of "At least we got 6, 12, 13 episodes of this show." I do know I would like to have a taste of something great then be fed spoonfuls of the same crap year after year after year. So the following is a list of my favorite one and done shows that you should watch anyway.

Also if you think of any that you liked I didn't list , let me know on twitter (@cdulaney85).

A quick thought on these also 1 and done shows that deserve honorable mention. I didn;t write about these ones not because they didn't deserve it but just cause it would take so much time! haha

 Firefly(you've probably read everything about this show and how beloved it is. It's all true)-
Almost Human
Police Squad
The Tick
Better Off Ted
 Andy Richter controls the Universe(When people were shocked Paget Brewster was funny on Community, I knew she was 12 years earlier thanks to this offbeat, wild show)
 Awake (Confusing but I really liked it)
My So-Called Life
(shoutout to the first Flash series back in the 90's and Go On!!)


- A long time ago Fox paired two shows together on Friday nights. One would become one of the best tv shows of all-time spanning 9 seasons and over 200 episodes. It would have two of the most iconic characters in television history. I speak of course of The X-Files.

The other show would only last 1 season but it was a fantastic, imaginative show. The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. The show was Brisco's father was murdered by the infamous John Bly and Brisco becomes a bounty hunter to find Bly & his gang and honor his father. It was a wonderful show which combined sci-fi , slapstick comedy and a touch of romance with the western setting.

Playing Brisco was Bruce Campbell, who I love and will always enjoy in everything he does. This is honestly his best work ever here as he does a great job of giving Brisco a sense of humor but never forgetting the pain and seriousness Brisco has in his mission to find Bly. Adding him on this mission is Lord Bowler who at first is his rival but becomes his best friend played by Julius Carry. The show had so many great supporting characters from Brisco's lawyer friend Socrates Poole, Love interest Dixie Cousins all the way down to Pete Hutter and his piece and Sheriff Aaron Viva who resembles a certain King from Memphis. (Also you will get to find out what The Orb is and why John Bly wants it's so much.)

There are 27 episodes in this series and it is safe to say that it was a show ahead of it's time. It's a really fun show and I can't gush enough how much I love it.
 *Available on DVD


A unfairly treated show by FOX (THAT IS A PATTERN YOU WILL SEE IN THIS ARTICLE), it was cancelled after the last few episodes were burnt out. This show deserved much much more. A cop show set in Dallas, this one was different from the others as it mixed action and comedy together. Starring on the show was Colin Hanks as Jack Bailey, a by-the-book cop who is partnered up with a loose cannon veteran cop with a bitchin mustache Dan Stark. Stark is played by Bradley Whitford who is so charismatic as Dan. They have hilarious cases which range from a peeping-tom to a vandal spray painting walls which always ends up leading to even bigger cases.

*available on Netflix


Another show royally shafted by FOX, this was the best show of 2014. The series is about a army veteran who gets assigned to Fort McGee where his brothers are assigned. The three brothers are completely different personalities and they learned to renew their family's bond.

 I loved this show so much. It had so much heart , way more than some shows that are going on say their sixth or seventh seasons right now. It would give you slapstick humor like a day spent helping fix up a soldier's husband's house to the serious moments like Pete's Airstream when you see how some soldiers are affected when they return from war. The show had so many great characters and Keith David and Angelique Cabral stole so many scenes as Command Sergeant Major Donald Cody and Sgt. Jill "Lone Wolf" Perez. A show full of heart and hilarity that Fox screwed with it at ever turn. I HIGHLY recommend watching this show. One of the best comedies of the last 5 years and it should be around still.

*available on DVD


To call Wonderfalls unique is a understatement. A woman suddenly can hear inanimate objects as they give her off beat messages to so that she can help people. Created by Bryan Fuller, this show was a unique mix of humor, drama and fantasy. Caroline Dhavernas played Jaye Tyler, a discontented underachiever in her mid-20s when she can suddenly receive messages from objects like a wax lion or a pink flamingo lawn decoration. She decides to follow the messages which lead her to help others while she starts to feel less cynical with life.

A show with a lot of heart, it also was one of the first major roles for Lee Pace and Katie Finneran as her brother and sister - Aaron and Sharon. I loved this show for it's uniqueness (a Bryan Fuller trademark) in that not a show was like this one  and it's character growth of it's main character from the first episode to the last. Caroline brought everything to her portrayal of Jade from the pilot as she wouldn't listen to a wax lion tell her not to give a lady her $4 back to helping reunite the man she loved with her ex even though she knew it would break her heart to do it. A really enjoyable series that will hook you after the first 20 minutes.

*Available on Youtube


Created by Emily Kapnek, this show was at first not well received by fans or critics honestly. Yet , by the time the series had ended , everyone had felt such pain that the show wasn't going to be renewed. It had went from "The show with the awful title" to "The show everyone loves and doesn't want to go."

A modern-day "My Fair Lady", Karen Gillan played Eliza Dooley, a social media obsessed woman who when she realizes she as no real friends asks Henry Higgs, played by John Cho to help her. Their chemistry was so good almost from the beginning. It really hits when Eliza talks about how she eats lunch over a trash can because no one wanted to sit with her and Henry buys her a new trash can and stand with her to eat lunch. It show how much Henry cares for her and Eliza's happiness at having a friend sit/stand with her finally.

 Later episodes show them slowly falling for each other but not being able to get to get together. These episodes were some of the best as it showed Karen at her best , showing Eliza's heartbreak and pain , especially when  she sings "Chandelier" after Henry rejects her.

The show was given a terrible timeslot and it angers me thinking about it. It was a wonderful show that could have done so much more but I am glad we got these 13 episodes.

*Some episodes available on HULU


No matter how many terrible 50 Shades of Grey movies she'll be in, I will always love Dakota Johnson for this show. The show is Kate (Dakota) is raising a daughter, Maddie when her goofy brother Ben (Played by Ben Faxon) comes back into her life. This show was so damn funny. The supporting cast was great from Lucy Punch as Kate's "British" best friend who always steals the scenes she was in to Echo Kellum as Tommy, Ben's best friend.
 The show was a great mix of comedy silliness and heartfelt family scenes. Dakota and Nat really did a great job of portraying  a sister and brother who will bicker and argue but always love and support each other.

*Episodes available on Youtube

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