Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Let me start out this post by saying the actor that plays Grant Ward on Agents of SHIELD, Brett Dalton is a really funny dude. If you follow him on twitter and I do, you will see he is clever and a pun master. So for the rest of this post please remember, this is about the character he plays , not the actor who plays him.

Grant Ward is a fuckboy scumbag who deserves a painful death this upcoming season.

Over the course of 2 seasons, Ward has went from Agent of Shield to lackey for Hydra to prisoner to "free agent". For most of this , he has tried to justify his actions through many means. He will say "I'm not a Nazi." or "This is nothing personal" When his actions are completely personal on so many levels. He betrayed people that were his allies, his friends, people who loved him. But to this, Grant Ward says he was just doing his job. That he felt "nothing" for them. The following is a list of his actions and why I still can't understand why people are trying to defend or "stand with" Ward.

-Was a undercover Hydra agent for years

-Killed numerous SHIELD agents and innocent people.

- Kidnapped and Killed his brother

- Threatened to rape Skye (seriously fuck Ward)

- Gave Fitz brain damage

- Tortured Bobbi and seriously injured her

- Shot and Killed a dog (The fucking asshole)

I know I am probably leaving out a few more things but it just confuses me when I still see people defend this guy. He is a cold-blooded murderer who thinks he is doing these for the right reasons when they are clearly just for his own selfish means.  An example of this is when Fitz comes to see him in one of the first episodes of season 2. Ward tries to tell him that he knew Fitz and Simmons would save themselves when he knows he sent them to their death in the ocean. That scene shows just that Ward even lies to himself just so he can feel better abut his actions.

Another thing about Ward that is scummy is his emotional manipulation of Kara (Agent 33)
After Skye shoots Ward in the mid-season 2 finale, Agent 33 helps Ward escape. Kara was brainwashed by Hydra and is in a very emotionally damaged state. So what happens? Kara falls for Ward and of course Ward uses this to his advantage. At first , Ward leaves Kara behind in a mission and ask Coulson to help her recover. This however ends up being a setup as Kara pretends to be May so she can lead Bobbi into a trap set-up by Ward.

Here Ward tortures Bobbi for a "apology" to Kara though in my opinion I think this was just more of Ward's hatred of women seeping in here. As in the season 1 finale and before, Ward made jokes about violence towards women and their former time as sex buddies as he is fighting May. He cracks  jokes about Maria Hill being "eye candy". Pure and Simple, Grant Ward is a sexist pig.

(Sidenote : For the life of me, I still can't understand how they can still ship Skye and Ward together. She shot him, said she never wanted anything to do with him again and I still see people online go "Awww he saw her!'' He is a murdering scumbag. He manipulates people. sigh. )

There are countless more things Ward has done that I didn't list on here. But a man who would threaten to rape someone and Kill a dog? SERIOUSLY FUCK HIM. THAT MAN DESERVES TO BE PUT DOWN.
My hope is that Ward gets the crap beaten out of him by Bobbi and then Skye puts a bullet right between the eyes. Even then, I think that's too good for Grant Ward.

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