Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Hello and welcome back to my thoughts on how the CW/DC shows can improve this upcoming season. Earlier I hit on how Supergirl season 2 and The Flash season 3 can build on the previous seasons.

Today, I am going to talk about Arrow season 5 and a couple things the show could do to help make this season fantastic after what was to some a lackluster end to season 4.

- More insight into the characters and their storylines

At the end of last season, We were forced to sacrifice a few different character arcs for some of the team as they had to deal with Darhk and the big fight. This season I am hoping we can hit on some things left open from season 4.

One of the main ones is Felicity and her mindset after what happened to Havenrock. I am hoping we get to see more of the fallout of not just that but also how she is feeling about still working with Oliver.

Other stories I want to see more time on is - Thea and what does she want from her life. Will she be able to hold off the darkness inside her? Diggle and how broken he is after killing his brother and leaving the team? Oliver and how much is being mayor and a vigilante taking out on him personally? Just a few of the things I hope the show hits on in the upcoming season.

-A healthy relationship between Oliver and Felicity

A lot of talk among Arrow fans has also been about Olicity and when or if Oliver and Felicity will become a couple again. While I feel they will definitely become a couple again, I think it also needs time to get there.

We need to see one thing that was only teased a bit in season 4. No not sex (Later for that). No, I mean a long , knockout drag out talk about what they mean to one another. Where everything get put out there and all the secrets and fears are finally told to one another. I think if we see that, then the steps to Olicity being even better than ever is possible. *

*My prediction/guess is the middle of season 5 is when the wheels to them getting fully back together with them as a couple (Possibly engaged by the season finale)

Thanks for reading and next time I will talk about Legends of Tomorrow and what can be done there to improve their second season. (getting rid of Savage is a good start)

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