Thursday, August 4, 2016

The tv season is almost upon as we enter the end of the summer and beginning of fall. Starting in October - for 4 nights in a row, The CW will be airing a DC comics show : Mondays - Supergirl , Tuesdays - The Flash , Wednesdays - Arrow and Thursdays - Legends of Tomorrow

I watch all four shows and enjoy them. I also admit that none of the 4 are perfect by any stretch of the imagination. There are things each show can improve upon and I want to point out 2 things each can for the upcoming 2016-2017 season. for today I will talk about the show that has joined the CW this year for it's upcoming sophomore season


- Keep the focus on Kara and Alex's sisterly bond

- Superman here (but dont make it about him)

I know that the show will be hurt a little by Calista Flockhart becoming only a recurring guest star on there (however many episodes we will see Cat Grant in is unknown at this time). So to count this I have two thoughts.

Firstly is focus on Kara and Alex's lives together and when they are apart. we know next to nothing of what Alex does outside of her adventures in DEO. Lets find out more about Alex Danvers's life. And also Kara having some solo moments with new people besides Alex (and especially without Winn and Jimmy around) Let's see them apart and then have moments after where they talk about what happened and the struggles of their daily lives. I know we had these moments in season 1 but I say increase them just a little to make up for absence of Calista.

Secondly, we are getting Superman. It's going to be awesome to see Superman and Supergirl. BUT the show must make sure to use Superman as only support for Kara. Let him have moments in the first couple episodes but never at the expense of Kara. It's Supergirl and let Superman know that the Woman of Steel is grateful for the Man of Steel but not reliant on him.

Soon I will talk about what The Flash can do to improve it's show heading into it's third season.

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