Thursday, August 11, 2016


Last week , I mentioned a couple ways how Supergirl season 2 could improve. This week, the focus goes on The Flash, a show some may consider the most popular show on the four DC/CW shows. Last season was very hit or miss with some wonderful episodes (Earth-2 and Kevin Smith's directed episode come to mind) and some not-so-good ones (King Shark,anyone?) 

So below are three ways (If followed) can, I believe make season 3 rebound and get the show back to it's season 1 greatness.

    I'm not saying here to never do it again but to give it a rest.Last season, before Barry completely fucked up the time stream, he had gone back into time at least twice before. Once was a very smart thing to do as he had to save Oliver and all of his friends. The second time ended up making the Pied Piper a ally in a episode that gave you headaches for days. 

Now I know Barry will have to go back in time one more time to stop Flashpoint but after that NO MORE. Cool it with the time-travel for at least a season. We already have a time-travel show called Legends of Tomorrow.

-let Barry make less selfish/dumb decisions
    Let be honest for a second. Barry made a lot of dumb choices last season with the biggest being of course, going to save his mom after having tried it before and not accomplishing it. Saving his mom is noble don't get me wrong but not at the expense of destroying the timeline and affecting EVERYONE YOU EVER CARED ABOUT LIVES. That led to earth-2 being found and that whole mess it made. Besides that though, there has been a great deal of decisions made by Barry that weren't as heroic as one would like from keeping Patty in the dark forever to almost ruining his earth-2 counter-part's life.

This season I want Barry to start realizing that his actions affect everybody around him. Every action has consequences and Barry's hurts the people he loves.

- WestAllen and Iris's storyarc
   This will be a short one as I think they are going this direction (and SPOILERS)(seriously SPOILERS) 

 photos of Barry and Iris going on a date and kissing for a upcoming season 3 episode are out there. All I am saying is, if you make Barry and Iris a couple, then do it and stop making every goddamn kiss not have happen or in a different timeline. Making it real and make us feel their love for one another. Grant and Candice are great actors so writing it is up to you. I'm rooting for them!

Also let Iris be a reporter. She doesn't have to be doing reporter stuff every episode but give her a long-running arc even if it's in the background of whatever the main story is. Those kind of storyarcs can be rewarding for fans if done right.

So these are a few of the suggestions I have to make season 3 of The Flash the best one yet. Next week, I will tackle how Arrow can rebound from a not-so-great end of the season to make season 5 wonderful. Thanks for reading!! 

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