Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Written by Russell T. Davies
Directed by Charles Palmer

Our first shot in this episode is of Martha Jones walking along the street confidently as she heads to her medical residence. She is answering numerous phone calls from her family as they are all asking for her help for her brother's birthday party. As you can tell by watching this scene, Martha is the one everyone in the family goes to for help. 

As she finishes answering the calls, she suddenly runs into the Doctor who takes off his tie and says " Like so. You see?" Not the oddest meeting a Doctor has had with a future companion but it is up there. When Martha arrives, she is bumped into by a mysterious man whose identity is hidden by a motorcycle helmet. Also when she goes to change she gets a electric shock at her locker.

Later, as Martha and the group of medical students go to see patients first they meet a old lady who is suffering from lack of salt and then sees The Doctor again. He is under the alias of John Smith and just after they talk with him something happens. The building is moved from the earth to the moon!! As Martha goes to investigate, she is joined by Mr. Smith who reveals to Martha he is called The Doctor.

The chemistry between the Doctor and Martha is evident from their very first meeting. it is so natural with just a touch of flirtation in there, okay sometimes a lot. This is a great episode that introduces the Judoon, a intergalactic police force looking for a murderer who has hidden themselves as human. It is revealed to be the old lady and it takes Martha and The Doctor together to trick her and have the Judoon return the hospital back to the earth thanks to a ''meaningless'' kiss and some vampire-ish blood sucking that is able to get the Judoon to find the true non-human.

After the hospital is sent back, we see Martha at her brother's party where it has been ruined by the actions of her family (mostly her dad, stepmom and mom.) As Martha is exhausted by the events, she spots The Doctor. She follows him to the TARDIS where The Doctor explains it can travel through time. Martha doesn't believe him so to prove it, The Doctor goes back to the beginning of the day to meet Martha which we saw at the beginning of the episode.

After a quick "It's bigger on the inside" from Martha and A quick mention of Rose by a still heartbroken Doctor, He agrees as a thank you to let Martha go on one adventure with him. Little did he know they would do much more than that together.

I love this episode in many ways. Introduces us to Martha Jones, one of the most underrated companions in history. Freema plays her so self-assured, unfazed at all the events but still showing human vulnerability. David is in his second season as the Doctor and you can feel he's made it his own. From all the little sly jokes to the look of pain and sound of his voice as he mentions Rose and how he's afraid of letting anyone else into his life. I highly recommend Smith and Jones to anyone if they would like to watch a fun and exciting episode of Doctor Who!

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