Saturday, July 4, 2015

Today is the fourth of July, Independence Day. I have picked out below are four movies that I consider patriotic to me. I know a few choices are out of the box but I think they represent what representing America in the movies means not only to me but to other.

Independence Day - This film without a doubt, screams AMERICA. Alien invaders come to our planet to take it over. Led by the president Bill Pullman, Scientist Jeff Goldblum and pilot Will Smith, USA leads the way to fight back the invaders and defeat them. In true American fashon, we do fail miserably a few times (you will be missed Harry Connick Jr. "KICK THE TIRES AND LIGHT THE FIRES BIG DADDY!") But like America does, we get it right the 3rd or 4th time around. This is a seriously fun action movie and always enjoyable to watch.

Rocky IV - I know in this one Rocky Balboa fights Ivan Drago to avenge a friend but this becomes so much more during the fight. In the lead-up it had become a USA vs Russia discussion but due to the iron will of Rocky, he ends up getting the crowd in Siberia rooting for the American thorough his sheer guts and determination. If that doesn't scream America, then I don't know what does. Also it has a robot in it that is very freaky and that's USA right there.

Pitch Perfect 2 - In this film, the Bellas led by Beca (Anna Kendrick) have been disgraced. To keep the Bellas in Barden College, they have to win a Worlds acapella competition. Their main competotors are the German group Das Sound Machine. The Bellas lose a riff-off to them and all hope seems lost. Then though in true American fashion, they are able to rebond and focus on winning the competition. It all leads to a epic preformance by the Barden Bellas. Do they win though for themselves and America? well I'll just leave this hint : World War II (boom)

Captain America - A underrated Marvel film, this shows what happens when you believe in helping your country and being a hero. Steve Rogers (played by Chris Evans) is a 90-pound weakling till he is given a serum that gives him super strength. But this movie shows that it is the heart of Steve Rogers, the heart that loves America that helps him become a super soldier and defend the land from evil Nazis. Also the movie has Hayley Atwell. HAYLEY ATWELL, people!!

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