Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Welcome back to this week's installment of Wednesday Who where I do a quick synopsis of a random Doctor Who episode (mostly just for the hell of it). This week's installment is going to be one from last season as  Peter Capaldi was starting to get his legs as The Doctor.

"Time Heist"
Writers: Stephen Thompson and Steven Moffat
Director : Douglas MacKinnon

The episode starts with The Doctor trying to convince Clara to go on a adventure with her. She, however is most interested in a date she has made with Danny Pink. She is almost out the door ofher apartment when the phone rings on the TARDIS. Next thing they know,they are in a unknown room with two other people. All 4 of them (the Doctor, Clara, Psi,a augmented human and Saibra, a mutant human) have all agreed to memory wipes. Then they receive a message from someone called"The Architect". In the video message it is revealed that The Architect wants them to perform a heist at the most impregnable bank in the universe, Karabraxos.

This is a rather fun heist episode. By this time, Capaldi is clicking as The Doctor and Jenna Coleman's Clara gets to have her usual witty lines. A excellent moment for Jenna is when The Doctor gets on Psi about something and Psi asks if he is always like this. Clara says he usually is a lot nicer but Psi tells her he knew she's been with him a long time as she is good at making excuses for him.  The best part of the scene is Clara's face as she realizes that he might be right.

Other moments of note:

- Keeley Hawks plays the president of the bank "Ms. Delphox" It is a good role and comes with a fun twist at the end

- Lots of little easter eggs to shows like "Torchwood" , "Sarah Jane Adventures" and Classic Doctor Who adventures. Also a shout-out to my favorite Doctor's favorite accessory.


-And a lovely moment at the end for all those 12/Clara fans with a nice little line The Doctor says at the end.

- So overall, this is a nice standalone episode. It combines heist film moments with little dabs of humor.

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