Friday, July 3, 2015

Steven Universe is in it's second season right now and it is one of my favorite cartoons on the air right now. I have enjoyed a lot of the episodes as it is so good at mixing adult themes but keeping them suitable and relatable to young children. The following is my top 6 favorite Steven Universe episodes and the reason why. Remember, these are just my picks and if you disagree let me know on here or on twitter (@cdulaney85)

Honorable mentions: An Indirect Kiss, Horror Club, Tiger Millionaire, Together Breakfast, Sworn to the Sword, Giant Woman and Rose' Scabbard

Alone Together - In this episode, Steven and his best friend Connie are talking about Steven lack of ability to fusion with the other gems. Through a dance, Steven and Connie fuse into Stevonnie. As they start going through the motions of being a new fusion , we see them still being Steven and Connie as they go to a adult party and feel nervous and objectified. It's a great episode to show why Steven and Connie are who they are and how they always feel most comfortable with each other.

Winter's Forecast-In this episode, Connie is hanging out with Steven and Steven's dad Greg. A winter storm hits and thanks to a kiss on the forehead from Garnet, Steven sees visions of what could happen if they delay taking Connie home. This isn't really a big episode but I like it as we get to see a lot of the friendship of Connie and Steven here and there are some funny moments involving Mr.Universe and his driving.

Jail Break-This is part 2 of a two-parter where Steven and the crystal gems are captured by Jasper. Steven escapes and finds Ruby and Sapphire which is the first time he gets to see them become Garnet. It's a great action episode with a wonderful song by Garnet explaining what she is made of. She is made of love. I love the song as explains Garnet better than anything could.

Full Disclosure- This is the episode right after "Jail Break". Steven and the gems have just gotten back from the battle and Connie calls to see if they are alright. Steven at first delays speaking to her, trying to find the right words to say. Eventually Steven decides not to say anything to her as he fears she will get hurt. This episode highlights the destruction that the gems can cause but also that people are willing to be friends with Steven regardless of what may happen.

Story for Steven/ We Need to Talk- I really enjoy the episodes where we see the backstory of characters so these two are some of my all-time favorites. In "Story for Steven" Greg tells Steven as a bedtime story how he first met his mom , Rose Quartz. It's a nice little tale and I enjoy the singing in it as well as the hints of Pearl's true feelings towards Greg and Rose. (Hint - polar opposites of the spectrum)

We Need to Talk is in which Greg tells Connie and Steven about the first time he saw a fusion and his attempted fusion with Rose after finding out about Steven and Connie's fusion. It shows more of their backstory and how Greg and Rose fell in love. It's funny and emotional at the same time and a great view of how even Rose had her flaws like the other crystal gems.

Lion 3: Straight to Video- In this episode, Steven's Lion keeps sleeping on top of Steven at night. Steven finds out that in Lion's mane is a whole different land. In this land he finds some of his mother's things including a videotape which is in the video above. I love that this is Steven's first time ever seeing a video of his mom and it's ties in with the thoughts of family and love that this show has.

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