Thursday, July 9, 2015

We are 11 episodes into this season of Carmilla and it is safe to say that things have gotten even crazier and wilder at Silas University. Instead of reviewing each episode one by one , I've decided to have this post examine what has been happening with each character so far this season. So let's start with the two main characters of the show shall we - Carmilla Kamstein and Laura Hollis.

When we start season 2 of Carmilla, our first sight is Laura turning on the lights and speaking to us again. We soon see that Carmilla and Laura are very much in the honeymoon stage of their relationship. Through the first 11 episodes we have seen a few cute moments between the two including in episode 4 when Laura and Carmilla talk to each other and admit they fell for each other way before the last episodes of season 1.  After a quick race , we see that well...everyone reading this is a adult , I don't have to spell it out for you (They have S-E-X)

                               That right there is "I just had amazing sex" hair

Though lately, it has not been all smooth sailing thanks to the arrival of Carm's sister, Mattie. Mattie has been taking over things at Silas and she has also been trying to get into Carmilla's head about her relationship with Laura.

Carmilla in this season has shown that while she is definitely the physically strongest member of the group, she is also the most emotionally fragile of the group. You can see it every time Laura calls her a hero, she doesn't want to be a hero or fight any more battles. Carm just wants to be with Laura. Though she tells Mattie that Laura is not a passing fancy, Carmilla fears she could be one to Laura. (watch her face when Laura talks to Danny in ep.11, how it changes when Laura touches Danny's arm. It is innocent but the nagging fear is there for Carm)

Laura , on the other hand, is still nerdy Laura drinking from her Doctor Who mug. (Also how old married couple-ish was it when Carmilla drank her mug?) Also Laura is in another situation that is way over her head. She feels guilty about what has happened to the school and feels it is her duty to help bring some order to the university. Also like Carmilla, Mattie's words have made Laura worry about if she is just a passing fancy to her. I worry what this will do to her and Carm's relationship as Laura has been asking for Carmilla's help in some situations like getting information from Mattie. This has made Carm very uncomfortable even though I don't think Laura means to.

Lafontaine- LaF has been dealing with a few things so far this season mostly all friend-related. They has had to deal with her best friend Perry's attack in the first few episodes. I will talk more about what happened to Perry in a bit but LaF has had to see her best friend tramutized emotional and psychically and the helpless feeling them had of not being able to help her.
The other thing that LaF has had to deal with is what has been happening to J.P. Due to...not sure how it happened but the library has vanished and Jeep's all messed up because of it. As Lafontaine notices, JP and the library have a connection and with the library gone, JP is losing himself more and more. LaF wants to help him too but they have no idea what to do. So LaF is stuck watching them friends in pain and not being able to help. So I see in the future episodes, LaF trying everything possible to try to help both of them through any means necessary.

Perry- Right now the person who at least physically had the roughest time so far this season is Perry. At the end of episode 1, Perry interrupts Carmilla and Laura's time together only to be covered in blood. She had just found the murdered newspaper students. That kind of thing shakes you up no matter what you think.

Then in episode 4 at the end , we find out that Perry has been attacked by something and it has written words in Perry's stomach! Done by whoever killed the newspaper staff (My guess), it is a threat to get them off of the case. All this and the continuing craziness has almost pushed Perry to the breaking point as she is getting madder and madder. I fear that Perry's rage will boil over and hurt the ones she truly cares about instead of the ones who deserve it.

Also Danny and Kirsch have been having a sort-of side adventure with Mel, a newcomer to the series. These have mostly been played for laughs as Kirsch is love-sick puppy crushing on Danny while D-Bear is tolerating him. This changed from laughs to serious when Danny protected Kirsch from Mel and her arrows, leaving Danny with a new enemy and a serious threat.

So since we are only a few episodes away from the halfway point of the season, I think things are going to only get tough for Carmilla,Laura and their Friends. I hope they can find the library to save JP and solve the Mattie problem but I know if they do it won't be easy.

Overall, this has been a real good season so far and really looking forward to see what is coming up next!

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